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Display a link to a given path or open link in a browser.


  • drush browse. Open default web browser (if configured or detected) to the site front page.
  • drush browse node/1. Open web browser to the path node/1.
  • drush Open a browser to the web site specified in a site alias.
  • drush browse --browser=firefox admin. Open Firefox web browser to the path 'admin'.


  • [path]. Path to open. If omitted, the site front page will be opened.


  • --browser=BROWSER. Specify a particular browser (defaults to OS default). Use --no-browser to suppress opening a browser.
  • --redirect-port=REDIRECT-PORT. The port that the web server is redirected to (e.g. when running within a Vagrant environment).


  • An argument or option with square brackets is optional.
  • Any default value is listed at end of arg/option description.
  • An ellipsis indicates that an argument accepts multiple values separated by a space.