ApplicationClass in namespace Drush

Our application object

$ Application#aliasManagerProperty in class Application
Application::aliasManager() — Method in class Application
ArgumentClass in namespace Drush\Attributes
AutoloaderAwareInterfaceClass in namespace Drush\Boot
AutoloaderAwareInterface::autoloader() — Method in class AutoloaderAwareInterface
AutoloaderAwareTraitClass in namespace Drush\Boot
AutoloaderAwareTrait::autoloader() — Method in class AutoloaderAwareTrait
BootstrapManager::add() — Method in class BootstrapManager

Add a bootstrap object to the list of candidates.

DrupalBoot8::addDrupalModuleDrushCommands() — Method in class DrupalBoot8
Kernels::availableKernels() — Method in class Kernels

Returns the available kernels.

DrushCommandInfoAlterer::alterCommandInfo() — Method in class DrushCommandInfoAlterer
ServiceCommandlist::addCommandReference() — Method in class ServiceCommandlist
ExampleCommands::alterFormatters() — Method in class ExampleCommands

Demonstrate an alter hook with an option

MkCommands::appendPostAmble() — Method in class MkCommands
MkCommands::appendAliases() — Method in class MkCommands
MkCommands::appendTopics() — Method in class MkCommands
MkCommands::appendOptions() — Method in class MkCommands
MkCommands::appendArguments() — Method in class MkCommands
MkCommands::appendUsages() — Method in class MkCommands
MkCommands::appendPreamble() — Method in class MkCommands
MkCommands::argToArray() — Method in class MkCommands

Build an array since that's what HelpCLIFormatter expects.

StatusCommands::adjustStatusOptions() — Method in class StatusCommands
ApplicationFactoryClass in namespace Drush\Commands\generate
$ DrushAliasFile#aliasProperty in class DrushAliasFile
$ DrushCommandFile#aliasProperty in class DrushCommandFile
DrushCommandFile::adjustCommands() — Method in class DrushCommandFile
DrushHelpDocument::alterHelpDocument() — Method in class DrushHelpDocument
ConfigLocator::addToSources() — Method in class ConfigLocator

Accumulate the sources provided by the configuration loader.

ConfigLocator::addEnvironment() — Method in class ConfigLocator

Exports all of the information stored in the environment, and adds it to the configuration. The Environment object itself is only available during preflight; the information exported here may be obtained by commands et. al. as needed.

ConfigLocator::addPreflightConfigFiles() — Method in class ConfigLocator

Add config paths defined in preflight configuration.

ConfigLocator::addAliasConfig() — Method in class ConfigLocator

Take any configuration from the active alias record, and add it to our configuration.

ConfigLocator::addUserConfig() — Method in class ConfigLocator

Given the path provided via --config and the user's home directory, add all of the user configuration paths.

ConfigLocator::addDrushConfig() — Method in class ConfigLocator

Add the Drush project directory as a configuration search location.

ConfigLocator::addSitewideConfig() — Method in class ConfigLocator

Add any configuration files found around the Drupal root of the selected site.

ConfigLocator::addConfigPaths() — Method in class ConfigLocator

Add any configuration file found at any of the provided paths. Both the provided location, and the directory config inside each provided location is searched for a drush.yml file.

ConfigLocator::addConfigFiles() — Method in class ConfigLocator

Adds $configFiles to the list of config files.

ConfigLocator::addSiteSpecificConfig() — Method in class ConfigLocator

Attempt to load site specific configuration.

Environment::applyEnvironment() — Method in class Environment

Alter our default locations based on the value of environment variables.

LanguageCommands::add() — Method in class LanguageCommands

Add a configurable language.

LinkHooks::askLinkType() — Method in class LinkHooks
LinkHooks::askAllowLinkText() — Method in class LinkHooks
UserCommands::addRole() — Method in class UserCommands

Add a role to the specified user accounts.

ViewsCommands::analyze() — Method in class ViewsCommands

Get a list of all Views and analyze warnings.

EntityTypeBundleAskTrait::askEntityType() — Method in class EntityTypeBundleAskTrait
EntityTypeBundleAskTrait::askBundle() — Method in class EntityTypeBundleAskTrait
FieldBaseOverrideCreateCommands::askFieldName() — Method in class FieldBaseOverrideCreateCommands
FieldBaseOverrideCreateCommands::askFieldLabel() — Method in class FieldBaseOverrideCreateCommands
FieldBaseOverrideCreateCommands::askFieldDescription() — Method in class FieldBaseOverrideCreateCommands
FieldBaseOverrideCreateCommands::askRequired() — Method in class FieldBaseOverrideCreateCommands
FieldCreateCommands::askExistingFieldName() — Method in class FieldCreateCommands
FieldCreateCommands::askFieldName() — Method in class FieldCreateCommands
FieldCreateCommands::askFieldLabel() — Method in class FieldCreateCommands
FieldCreateCommands::askFieldDescription() — Method in class FieldCreateCommands
FieldCreateCommands::askFieldType() — Method in class FieldCreateCommands
FieldCreateCommands::askFieldWidget() — Method in class FieldCreateCommands
FieldCreateCommands::askRequired() — Method in class FieldCreateCommands
FieldCreateCommands::askTranslatable() — Method in class FieldCreateCommands
FieldCreateCommands::askCardinality() — Method in class FieldCreateCommands
FieldCreateCommands::askReferencedEntityType() — Method in class FieldCreateCommands
FieldCreateCommands::askReferencedBundles() — Method in class FieldCreateCommands
FieldDeleteCommands::askExisting() — Method in class FieldDeleteCommands
PmCommands::addInstallDependencies() — Method in class PmCommands
PmCommands::addUninstallDependencies() — Method in class PmCommands
SanitizeCommentsCommands::applies() — Method in class SanitizeCommentsCommands
DrupalKernelTrait::addServiceModifier() — Method in class DrupalKernelTrait

Add a service modifier to the container builder.

DrupalKernelTrait::addModuleDrushServiceProvider() — Method in class DrupalKernelTrait

Determine whether or not the Drush services.yml file is applicable for this version of Drush.

DrupalKernelTrait::addDrushServiceProvider() — Method in class DrupalKernelTrait

Add a services.yml file if it exists.

DrushServiceModifier::alter() — Method in class DrushServiceModifier
$ MigrateExecutable#allSourceIdValuesProperty in class MigrateExecutable

List of all source IDs that are found in source during this migration.

MigrateIdMapFilter::accept() — Method in class MigrateIdMapFilter
Drush::aliasManager() — Method in class Drush
Drush::affirmative() — Method in class Drush

Return 'true' if we are in affirmative mode

ArgsPreprocessorClass in namespace Drush\Preflight

Preprocess commandline arguments.

ArgsRemapperClass in namespace Drush\Preflight

Map commandline arguments from one value to another during preflight.

$ Preflight#aliasManagerProperty in class Preflight
Preflight::aliasManager() — Method in class Preflight

Return the alias manager

$ PreflightArgs#argsProperty in class PreflightArgs
PreflightArgs::adjustHelpOption() — Method in class PreflightArgs

If the user enters '--help' or '-h', thrown that option away and add a 'help' command to the beginning of the argument list.

PreflightArgs::applyToConfig() — Method in class PreflightArgs
PreflightArgs::args() — Method in class PreflightArgs
PreflightArgs::applicationPath() — Method in class PreflightArgs
PreflightArgs::addArg() — Method in class PreflightArgs
PreflightArgs::alias() — Method in class PreflightArgs
PreflightArgs::addConfigPath() — Method in class PreflightArgs

Add another location where drush.yml files may be found

PreflightArgs::aliasPaths() — Method in class PreflightArgs

Get the alias paths where drush site.site.yml files may be found

PreflightArgs::addAliasPath() — Method in class PreflightArgs

Set one more path where aliases may be found.

PreflightArgs::addCommandPath() — Method in class PreflightArgs

Add one more path where commandfiles might be found.

PreflightArgsInterface::applyToConfig() — Method in class PreflightArgsInterface

Copy any applicable arguments into the provided configuration object, as appropriate.

PreflightArgsInterface::args() — Method in class PreflightArgsInterface

Return all of the args from the inputs that were NOT processed by the ArgsPreprocessor (anything not listed in optionsWithValues).

PreflightArgsInterface::applicationPath() — Method in class PreflightArgsInterface

Return the path to this application's executable ($argv[0]).

PreflightArgsInterface::addArg() — Method in class PreflightArgsInterface

Add one argument to the end of the list returned by the args() method.

PreflightArgsInterface::alias() — Method in class PreflightArgsInterface

Return any '@alias' that may have appeared before the argument holding the command name.

DependencyInjection::addDrushServices() — Method in class DependencyInjection
DependencyInjection::alterServicesForDrush() — Method in class DependencyInjection
RedispatchHook::alterArgsForRedispatch() — Method in class RedispatchHook

Remove anything that is not necessary for the remote side.

LegacyAliasConverter::arrayMergeRecursiveDistinct() — Method in class LegacyAliasConverter

Merges arrays recursively while preserving.

SqlBase::addPipeFail() — Method in class SqlBase

Handle 'pipefail' option for the specified command.

SqlBase::alwaysQuery() — Method in class SqlBase

Execute a SQL query. Always execute regardless of simulate mode.

SqlBase::alwaysQueryCommand() — Method in class SqlBase

Start building the command to run a query.

DrushStyle::askRequired() — Method in class DrushStyle
$ LessStrictArgvInput#additionalOptionsProperty in class LessStrictArgvInput
CliTestTrait::assertOutputEquals() — Method in class CliTestTrait

Checks that the output matches the expected output.

CliTestTrait::assertErrorOutputEquals() — Method in class CliTestTrait

Checks that the error output matches the expected output.


$ Application#bootstrapManagerProperty in class Application
Application::bootstrapManager() — Method in class Application
Application::bootstrapAndFind() — Method in class Application

Look up a command. Bootstrap further if necessary.

BootstrapClass in namespace Drush\Attributes
BackendPathEvaluatorClass in namespace Drush\Backend
BaseBootClass in namespace Drush\Boot
BaseBoot::bootstrapPhases() — Method in class BaseBoot

Returns an array that determines what bootstrap phases are necessary to bootstrap this CMS. This array should map from a numeric phase to the name of a method (string) in the Boot class that handles the bootstrap phase.

BaseBoot::bootstrapPhaseMap() — Method in class BaseBoot

Return an array mapping from bootstrap phase shorthand strings (e.g. "full") to the corresponding bootstrap phase index constant (e.g. DRUSH_BOOTSTRAP_DRUPAL_FULL).

BaseBoot::bootstrapDrush() — Method in class BaseBoot
BootClass in namespace Drush\Boot

Defines the interface for a Boot classes. Any CMS that wishes to work with Drush should extend BaseBoot. If the CMS has a Drupal-Compatibility layer, then it should extend DrupalBoot.

Boot::bootstrapPhases() — Method in class Boot

Returns an array that determines what bootstrap phases are necessary to bootstrap this CMS. This array should map from a numeric phase to the name of a method (string) in the Boot class that handles the bootstrap phase.

Boot::bootstrapPhaseMap() — Method in class Boot

Return an array mapping from bootstrap phase shorthand strings (e.g. "full") to the corresponding bootstrap phase index constant (e.g. DRUSH_BOOTSTRAP_DRUPAL_FULL).

BootstrapHookClass in namespace Drush\Boot

The BootstrapHook is installed as an init hook that runs before all commands. If there is a @bootstrap annotation/attribute, then we will bootstrap Drupal to the requested phase.

$ BootstrapHook#bootstrapManagerProperty in class BootstrapHook
BootstrapManagerClass in namespace Drush\Boot
$ BootstrapManager#bootstrapCandidatesProperty in class BootstrapManager
$ BootstrapManager#bootstrapProperty in class BootstrapManager
BootstrapManager::bootstrap() — Method in class BootstrapManager

Return the bootstrap object in use. This will be the latched bootstrap object if we have started bootstrapping; otherwise, it will be whichever bootstrap object is best for the selected root.

BootstrapManager::bootstrapObjectForRoot() — Method in class BootstrapManager

Look up the best bootstrap class for the given location from the set of available candidates.

BootstrapManager::bootstrapPhases() — Method in class BootstrapManager

Returns an array that determines what bootstrap phases are necessary to bootstrap the CMS.

BootstrapManager::bootstrapValidate() — Method in class BootstrapManager

Validate whether a bootstrap phase can be reached.

BootstrapManager::bootstrapToPhase() — Method in class BootstrapManager

Bootstrap to the specified phase.

BootstrapManager::bootstrapToPhaseIndex() — Method in class BootstrapManager

Bootstrap to the specified phase.

BootstrapManager::bootstrapMax() — Method in class BootstrapManager

Bootstrap to the highest level possible, without triggering any errors.

DrupalBoot::bootstrapPhases() — Method in class DrupalBoot

Bootstrap phases used with Drupal:

DrupalBoot::bootstrapPhaseMap() — Method in class DrupalBoot

Return an array mapping from bootstrap phase shorthand strings (e.g. "full") to the corresponding bootstrap phase index constant (e.g. DRUSH_BOOTSTRAP_DRUPAL_FULL).

DrupalBoot::bootstrapDrupalRootValidate() — Method in class DrupalBoot


DrupalBoot::bootstrapDrupalRoot() — Method in class DrupalBoot

Bootstrap Drush with a valid Drupal Directory.

DrupalBoot::bootstrapDrupalSiteValidate() — Method in class DrupalBoot


DrupalBoot::bootstrapDrupalSite() — Method in class DrupalBoot

Initialize a site on the Drupal root.

DrupalBoot::bootstrapDrupalConfiguration() — Method in class DrupalBoot

Initialize and load the Drupal configuration files.

DrupalBoot::bootstrapDrupalDatabaseValidate() — Method in class DrupalBoot


DrupalBoot::bootstrapDrupalDatabase() — Method in class DrupalBoot

Bootstrap the Drupal database.

DrupalBoot::bootstrapDrupalFull() — Method in class DrupalBoot

Attempt to load the full Drupal system.

DrupalBoot8::bootstrapDrupalCore() — Method in class DrupalBoot8
DrupalBoot8::bootstrapDrupalSiteValidate() — Method in class DrupalBoot8


DrupalBoot8::bootstrapDoDrupalSite() — Method in class DrupalBoot8

Called by bootstrapDrupalSite to do the main work of the drush drupal site bootstrap.

DrupalBoot8::bootstrapDrupalConfigurationValidate() — Method in class DrupalBoot8
DrupalBoot8::bootstrapDrupalDatabaseValidate() — Method in class DrupalBoot8


DrupalBoot8::bootstrapDrupalDatabase() — Method in class DrupalBoot8

Bootstrap the Drupal database.

DrupalBoot8::bootstrapDrupalConfiguration() — Method in class DrupalBoot8

Initialize and load the Drupal configuration files.

DrupalBoot8::bootstrapDrupalFull() — Method in class DrupalBoot8

Attempt to load the full Drupal system.

EmptyBoot::bootstrapPhases() — Method in class EmptyBoot

Returns an array that determines what bootstrap phases are necessary to bootstrap this CMS. This array should map from a numeric phase to the name of a method (string) in the Boot class that handles the bootstrap phase.

EmptyBoot::bootstrapInitPhases() — Method in class EmptyBoot
BrowseCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Commands\core
BrowseCommands::browse() — Method in class BrowseCommands

Display a link to a given path or open link in a browser.

DocsCommands::bisect() — Method in class DocsCommands

Drush's support for Git Bisect.

DocsCommands::bootstrap() — Method in class DocsCommands

Bootstrap explanation: how Drush starts up and prepares the Drupal environment.

EditCommands::bashFiles() — Method in class EditCommands
ListCommands::buildDom() — Method in class ListCommands
BatchCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Commands\core
UserCommands::block() — Method in class UserCommands

Block the specified user(s).

Drush::bootstrapManager() — Method in class Drush

Return the Bootstrap Manager.

Drush::bootstrap() — Method in class Drush

Return the Bootstrap object.

PreflightSiteLocator::buildSelf() — Method in class PreflightSiteLocator

Generate @self from the provided root and URI.

DrushCommand::buildHelpFromCommand() — Method in class DrushCommand

Build a command help from the Drush configuration array.

BootstrapCompilerPassClass in namespace Drush\Symfony
BufferedConsoleOutputClass in namespace Drush\Symfony

BufferedConsoleOutput supports separation of the stdout and stderr streams.

CliTestTrait::buildProcessMessage() — Method in class CliTestTrait

Borrowed from \Symfony\Component\Process\Exception\ProcessTimedOutException


Application::configureGlobalOptions() — Method in class Application

Add global options to the Application and their default values to Config.

Application::checkObsolete() — Method in class Application

If a command is annotated @obsolete, then we will throw an exception immediately; the command will not run, and no hooks will be called.

Application::configureIO() — Method in class Application
Application::configureAndRegisterCommands() — Method in class Application

Configure the application object and register all of the commandfiles available in the search paths provided via Preflight

CommandClass in namespace Drush\Attributes
BaseBoot::commandDefaults() — Method in class BaseBoot
DrupalBoot::confPath() — Method in class DrupalBoot
DrupalBoot8::confPath() — Method in class DrupalBoot8

Beware, this function populates Database::Connection info.

$ ServiceCommandlist#commandListProperty in class ServiceCommandlist
$ DrushCommands#commandDataProperty in class DrushCommands
ConfigPullCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Commands\config
CacheCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Commands\core
CacheCommands::clear() — Method in class CacheCommands

Clear a specific cache, or all Drupal caches.

CacheCommands::clearDrush() — Method in class CacheCommands

Clear caches internal to Drush core.

CacheCommands::clearBins() — Method in class CacheCommands

Clear one or more cache bins.

CacheCommands::clearThemeRegistry() — Method in class CacheCommands
CacheCommands::clearRouter() — Method in class CacheCommands
CacheCommands::clearCssJs() — Method in class CacheCommands
CacheCommands::clearRender() — Method in class CacheCommands

Clears the render cache entries.

CacheCommands::clearPlugin() — Method in class CacheCommands
CoreCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Commands\core
DeployCommands::cacheRebuild() — Method in class DeployCommands
DocsCommands::config() — Method in class DocsCommands

Drush configuration.

DocsCommands::configExport() — Method in class DocsCommands

Drupal config export instructions, including customizing config by environment.

DocsCommands::cron() — Method in class DocsCommands

Crontab instructions for running your Drupal cron tasks via drush cron.

DocsCommands::commands() — Method in class DocsCommands

Instructions on creating your own Drush commands.

EditCommands::complete() — Method in class EditCommands
MkCommands::createAnnotatedCommands() — Method in class MkCommands
MkCommands::cliTextToMarkdown() — Method in class MkCommands

Convert text like foo to foo.

$ UpdateDBCommands#cache_clearProperty in class UpdateDBCommands
UpdateDBCommands::cacheRebuild() — Method in class UpdateDBCommands

Clears caches and rebuilds the container.

$ ApplicationFactory#configProperty in class ApplicationFactory
ApplicationFactory::create() — Method in class ApplicationFactory

Creates Drush generate application.

HelpCLIFormatter::cleanOptions() — Method in class HelpCLIFormatter
ListCommands::categorize() — Method in class ListCommands
SecurityUpdateCommands::composerLockPath() — Method in class SecurityUpdateCommands

Return path to composer.lock

SecurityUpdateCommands::calculateSecurityUpdates() — Method in class SecurityUpdateCommands

Return available security updates.

SqlCommands::conf() — Method in class SqlCommands

Print database connection details.

SqlCommands::connect() — Method in class SqlCommands

A string for connecting to the DB.

SqlCommands::create() — Method in class SqlCommands

Create a database.

SqlCommands::cli() — Method in class SqlCommands

Open a SQL command-line interface using Drupal's credentials.

ConfigAwareTraitClass in namespace Drush\Config
ConfigLocatorClass in namespace Drush\Config

Locate Drush configuration files and load them into the configuration instance.

$ ConfigLocator#configProperty in class ConfigLocator
$ ConfigLocator#composerRootProperty in class ConfigLocator
$ ConfigLocator#configFilePathsProperty in class ConfigLocator
$ ConfigLocator#configFileVariantProperty in class ConfigLocator
ConfigLocator::collectSources() — Method in class ConfigLocator

Keep track of the source that every config item originally came from.

ConfigLocator::configFilePaths() — Method in class ConfigLocator

Return a list of all configuration files that were loaded.

ConfigLocator::config() — Method in class ConfigLocator

Return the configuration object. Create it and load it with all identified configuration if necessary.

DrushConfig::cwd() — Method in class DrushConfig
DrushConfig::configPaths() — Method in class DrushConfig

Return the list of paths to active Drush configuration files.

$ Environment#configFileVariantProperty in class Environment
Environment::cwd() — Method in class Environment

The original working directory

Environment::calculateColumns() — Method in class Environment

Get terminal width.

ConfigCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Commands\config
$ ConfigCommands#configFactoryProperty in class ConfigCommands
$ ConfigCommands#configStorageExportProperty in class ConfigCommands
ConfigCommands::configChangesTable() — Method in class ConfigCommands

Build a table of config changes.

ConfigCommands::copyConfig() — Method in class ConfigCommands

Copies configuration objects from source storage to target storage.

ConfigExportCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Commands\config
$ ConfigExportCommands#configManagerProperty in class ConfigExportCommands
$ ConfigExportCommands#configStorageProperty in class ConfigExportCommands
$ ConfigExportCommands#configStorageSyncProperty in class ConfigExportCommands
$ ConfigExportCommands#configStorageExportProperty in class ConfigExportCommands
ConfigImportCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Commands\config
$ ConfigImportCommands#configManagerProperty in class ConfigImportCommands
$ ConfigImportCommands#configStorageProperty in class ConfigImportCommands
$ ConfigImportCommands#configStorageSyncProperty in class ConfigImportCommands
$ ConfigImportCommands#configCacheProperty in class ConfigImportCommands
$ ConfigImportCommands#configTypedProperty in class ConfigImportCommands
CliCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Commands\core
CliCommands::cli() — Method in class CliCommands
$ DrupalCommands#cronProperty in class DrupalCommands
DrupalCommands::cron() — Method in class DrupalCommands

Run all cron hooks in all active modules for specified site.

$ LocaleCommands#configFactoryProperty in class LocaleCommands
LocaleCommands::check() — Method in class LocaleCommands

Checks for available translation updates.

RoleCommands::create() — Method in class RoleCommands

Create a new role.

UserCommands::create() — Method in class UserCommands

Create a user account.

UserCommands::createValidate() — Method in class UserCommands

Assure that provided username is available.

UserCommands::cancel() — Method in class UserCommands

Cancel user account(s) with the specified name(s).

$ ViewsCommands#configFactoryProperty in class ViewsCommands
ViewsCommands::cacheClear() — Method in class ViewsCommands

Adds a cache clear option for views.

FieldBaseOverrideCreateCommands::create() — Method in class FieldBaseOverrideCreateCommands

Create a new base field override

FieldBaseOverrideCreateCommands::createBaseFieldOverride() — Method in class FieldBaseOverrideCreateCommands
$ FieldCreateCommands#contentTranslationManagerProperty in class FieldCreateCommands
FieldCreateCommands::create() — Method in class FieldCreateCommands

Create a new field

FieldCreateCommands::createField() — Method in class FieldCreateCommands
FieldCreateCommands::createFieldStorage() — Method in class FieldCreateCommands
FieldCreateCommands::createFieldDisplay() — Method in class FieldCreateCommands
$ PmCommands#configFactoryProperty in class PmCommands
DrushServiceModifier::check() — Method in class DrushServiceModifier

Checks existing service definitions for the presence of modification.

$ MigrateExecutable#counterProperty in class MigrateExecutable

Count of number of items processed so far in this migration.

Drush::commandFactory() — Method in class Drush

Return command factory

Drush::config() — Method in class Drush

Return the configuration object

CommandFailedExceptionClass in namespace Drush\Exceptions

Throw an exception indicating that the command was unable to continue.

ArgsPreprocessor::checkMatchingOption() — Method in class ArgsPreprocessor

Check to see if the provided option matches the entry from the option table.

ArgsRemapper::checkRemap() — Method in class ArgsRemapper

Check to see if the provided single arg needs to be remapped. If it does, then the remapping is performed.

$ Preflight#configLocatorProperty in class Preflight
Preflight::createInput() — Method in class Preflight
Preflight::config() — Method in class Preflight
$ PreflightArgs#commandNameProperty in class PreflightArgs
PreflightArgs::commandName() — Method in class PreflightArgs
PreflightArgs::configPaths() — Method in class PreflightArgs

Get the config path where drush.yml files may be found

PreflightArgs::commandPaths() — Method in class PreflightArgs

Get the path where Drush commandfiles e.g. FooCommands.php may be found.

PreflightArgs::coverageFile() — Method in class PreflightArgs

Get the path to the coverage file.

PreflightArgs::createInput() — Method in class PreflightArgs

Create a Symfony Input object.

PreflightArgsInterface::commandName() — Method in class PreflightArgsInterface

Return the command name from the runtime args. Note that the command name also exists inside the runtime args, because the runtime args maintain the order of the options relative to the command name (save for those options removed by preflight args).

PreflightVerify::confirmPhpVersion() — Method in class PreflightVerify

Fail fast if the php version does not meet the minimum requirements.

PreflightVerify::confirmUsingCLI() — Method in class PreflightVerify

Fail if not being run from the command line.

PreflightVerify::checkPhpIni() — Method in class PreflightVerify

Evaluate the environment before command bootstrapping begins. If the php environment is too restrictive, then notify the user that a setting change is needed and abort.

CasterClass in namespace Drush\Psysh

Caster class for VarDumper casters for the shell.

Caster::castContentEntity() — Method in class Caster

Casts \Drupal\Core\Entity\ContentEntityInterface classes.

Caster::castFieldItemList() — Method in class Caster

Casts \Drupal\Core\Field\FieldItemListInterface classes.

Caster::castFieldItem() — Method in class Caster

Casts \Drupal\Core\Field\FieldItemInterface classes.

Caster::castConfigEntity() — Method in class Caster

Casts \Drupal\Core\Config\Entity\ConfigEntityInterface classes.

Caster::castConfig() — Method in class Caster

Casts \Drupal\Core\Config\ConfigBase classes.

Caster::castContainer() — Method in class Caster

Casts \Drupal\Component\DependencyInjection\Container classes.

Caster::castMarkup() — Method in class Caster

Casts \Drupal\Component\Render\MarkupInterface classes.

DrushCommand::configure() — Method in class DrushCommand
$ DrushHelpCommand#commandProperty in class DrushHelpCommand

The currently set subcommand.

DrushHelpCommand::configure() — Method in class DrushHelpCommand
$ LegacyAliasConverter#convertedProperty in class LegacyAliasConverter
$ LegacyAliasConverter#convertedFileMapProperty in class LegacyAliasConverter
LegacyAliasConverter::convertOnce() — Method in class LegacyAliasConverter
LegacyAliasConverter::convert() — Method in class LegacyAliasConverter
LegacyAliasConverter::checkAnyNeedsConversion() — Method in class LegacyAliasConverter
LegacyAliasConverter::convertAll() — Method in class LegacyAliasConverter
LegacyAliasConverter::checksumPath() — Method in class LegacyAliasConverter
LegacyAliasConverter::calculateChecksum() — Method in class LegacyAliasConverter
LegacyAliasConverter::cacheConvertedFilePath() — Method in class LegacyAliasConverter
LegacyAliasConverter::checkNeedsConversion() — Method in class LegacyAliasConverter
LegacyAliasConverter::convertLegacyFile() — Method in class LegacyAliasConverter
LegacyAliasConverter::convertSingleAliasLegacyFile() — Method in class LegacyAliasConverter
LegacyAliasConverter::convertMultipleAliasesLegacyFile() — Method in class LegacyAliasConverter
LegacyAliasConverter::convertAlias() — Method in class LegacyAliasConverter
LegacyAliasConverter::convertSingleFileAlias() — Method in class LegacyAliasConverter
ProcessManager::configureProcess() — Method in class ProcessManager

configureProcess sets up a process object so that it is ready to use.

SqlBase::create() — Method in class SqlBase

Get a driver specific instance of this class.

SqlBase::command() — Method in class SqlBase

The unix command used to connect to the database.

SqlBase::connect() — Method in class SqlBase

A string for connecting to a database.

SqlBase::createdbSql() — Method in class SqlBase

Build a SQL string for dropping and creating a database.

SqlBase::createdb() — Method in class SqlBase

Create a new database.

SqlBase::creds() — Method in class SqlBase

Build a string containing connection credentials.

SqlMysql::command() — Method in class SqlMysql

The unix command used to connect to the database.

SqlMysql::creds() — Method in class SqlMysql

Build a string containing connection credentials.

SqlMysql::createdbSql() — Method in class SqlMysql

Build a SQL string for dropping and creating a database.

SqlPgsql::command() — Method in class SqlPgsql

The unix command used to connect to the database.

SqlPgsql::creds() — Method in class SqlPgsql

Build a string containing connection credentials.

SqlPgsql::createdbSql() — Method in class SqlPgsql

Build a SQL string for dropping and creating a database.

SqlSqlite::command() — Method in class SqlSqlite

The unix command used to connect to the database.

SqlSqlite::creds() — Method in class SqlSqlite

Build a string containing connection credentials.

SqlSqlite::createdbSql() — Method in class SqlSqlite

Build a SQL string for dropping and creating a database.

SqlSqlite::createdb() — Method in class SqlSqlite

Create a new database.

DrushStyle::confirm() — Method in class DrushStyle
DrushStyle::choice() — Method in class DrushStyle
DrushStyle::caution() — Method in class DrushStyle
CliTestTraitClass in namespace Drush\TestTraits

CliTestTrait provides an execute() method that is useful for launching executable programs in functional tests.

DrushTestTrait::convertKeyValueToFlag() — Method in class DrushTestTrait

Given an option key / value pair, convert to a "--key=value" string.

StringUtils::csvToArray() — Method in class StringUtils

Convert a csv string, or an array of items which may contain csv strings, into an array of items.


Application::discoverCommandsFromConfiguration() — Method in class Application
Application::discoverCommands() — Method in class Application

Discovers command classes.

Application::discoverPsr4Commands() — Method in class Application

Discovers commands that are PSR4 auto-loaded.

DefaultFieldsClass in namespace Drush\Attributes
DefaultTableFieldsClass in namespace Drush\Attributes
$ BootstrapManager#drupalFinderProperty in class BootstrapManager
BootstrapManager::drupalFinder() — Method in class BootstrapManager
BootstrapManager::doBootstrap() — Method in class BootstrapManager

Bootstrap Drush to the desired phase.

DrupalBootClass in namespace Drush\Boot
DrupalBoot8Class in namespace Drush\Boot
$ DrupalBoot8#drupalLoggerAdapterProperty in class DrupalBoot8
DrupalBootLevelsClass in namespace Drush\Boot

A value class with bootstrap levels.

DrushCommandInfoAltererClass in namespace Drush\Command
DrushCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Commands
LegacyCommands::disable() — Method in class LegacyCommands

Drupal 8 does not support disabling modules. See pm:uninstall command.

LegacyCommands::download() — Method in class LegacyCommands

dl has been removed. Please build your site using Composer. Add new projects with composer require drupal/[project-name]. Use https://www.drupal.org/project/composer_generate to build a composer.json which represents the enabled modules on your site.

DeployCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Commands\core
DeployCommands::deploy() — Method in class DeployCommands

Run several commands after performing a code deployment.

DocsCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Commands\core

Topic commands.

DocsCommands::deploy() — Method in class DocsCommands

Deploy command for Drupal.

DrupalDirectoryCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Commands\core
DrupalDirectoryCommands::drupalDirectory() — Method in class DrupalDirectoryCommands

Return the filesystem path for modules/themes and other key folders.

DrupliconCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Commands\core
DrupliconCommands::druplicon() — Method in class DrupliconCommands

Print druplicon as post-command output.

MkCommands::docs() — Method in class MkCommands

Build a Markdown document for each Drush command/generator that is available on a site.

SiteInstallCommands::determineProfile() — Method in class SiteInstallCommands
ApplicationFactory::discoverGlobalPathsDeprecated() — Method in class ApplicationFactory
ApplicationFactory::discoverPsr4Generators() — Method in class ApplicationFactory
$ GeneratorClassResolver#drupalClassResolverProperty in class GeneratorClassResolver

The decorated class resolver.

DrushAliasFileClass in namespace Drush\Commands\generate\Generators\Drush

Implements drush-alias-file command.

$ DrushAliasFile#descriptionProperty in class DrushAliasFile
DrushCommandFileClass in namespace Drush\Commands\generate\Generators\Drush

Implements drush-command-file command.

$ DrushCommandFile#descriptionProperty in class DrushCommandFile
$ MigrationGenerator#descriptionProperty in class MigrationGenerator
DrushHelpDocumentClass in namespace Drush\Commands\help
SqlCommands::drop() — Method in class SqlCommands

Drop all tables in a given database.

SqlCommands::dump() — Method in class SqlCommands

Exports the Drupal DB as SQL using mysqldump or equivalent.

SqlSyncCommands::databaseName() — Method in class SqlSyncCommands
SqlSyncCommands::dump() — Method in class SqlSyncCommands

Perform sql-dump on source unless told otherwise. Returns the path to the dump file.

DrushConfigClass in namespace Drush\Config

Accessors for common Drush config keys.

DrushConfig::drushScript() — Method in class DrushConfig

Return the path to this Drush

$ Environment#drushBasePathProperty in class Environment
$ Environment#docPrefixProperty in class Environment
Environment::drushBasePath() — Method in class Environment

The base directory of the Drush application itself (where composer.json et.al. are found)

Environment::docsPath() — Method in class Environment

Return the directory where Drush's documentation is stored. Usually this is within the Drush application, but some Drush RPM distributions & c. for Linux platforms slice-and-dice the contents and put the docs elsewhere.

ConfigCommands::delete() — Method in class ConfigCommands

Delete a configuration key, or a whole object.

ConfigExportCommands::doExport() — Method in class ConfigExportCommands
ConfigExportCommands::doAddCommit() — Method in class ConfigExportCommands
ConfigImportCommands::doImport() — Method in class ConfigImportCommands
CliCommands::docs() — Method in class CliCommands

Drush's PHP Shell.

DeployHookCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Commands\core
DrupalCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Commands\core
EntityCommands::delete() — Method in class EntityCommands

Delete content entities.

EntityCommands::doDelete() — Method in class EntityCommands

Actual delete method.

EntityCommands::doSave() — Method in class EntityCommands

Actual save method.

ImageCommands::derive() — Method in class ImageCommands

Create an image derivative.

$ MigrateRunnerCommands#dateFormatterProperty in class MigrateRunnerCommands

Date formatter service.

QueueCommands::delete() — Method in class QueueCommands

Delete all items in a specific queue.

RoleCommands::delete() — Method in class RoleCommands

Delete a new role.

StateCommands::delete() — Method in class StateCommands

Delete a state entry.

$ UserCommands#dateFormatterProperty in class UserCommands
ViewsCommands::dev() — Method in class ViewsCommands

Set several Views settings to more developer-oriented values.

ViewsCommands::disable() — Method in class ViewsCommands

Disable the specified views.

WatchdogCommands::delete() — Method in class WatchdogCommands

Delete watchdog log records.

FieldDeleteCommands::delete() — Method in class FieldDeleteCommands

Delete a field

FieldDeleteCommands::deleteFieldConfig() — Method in class FieldDeleteCommands
$ SanitizeCommentsCommands#databaseProperty in class SanitizeCommentsCommands
$ SanitizeSessionsCommands#databaseProperty in class SanitizeSessionsCommands
$ SanitizeUserFieldsCommands#databaseProperty in class SanitizeUserFieldsCommands
$ SanitizeUserTableCommands#databaseProperty in class SanitizeUserTableCommands
DrupalKernelClass in namespace Drush\Drupal

Overridden version of DrupalKernel adapted to the needs of Drush.

DrupalKernelTraitClass in namespace Drush\Drupal

Common functionality for overridden kernels.

DrupalKernelTrait::discoverServiceProviders() — Method in class DrupalKernelTrait
DrupalUtilClass in namespace Drush\Drupal
DrupalUtil::drushRender() — Method in class DrupalUtil

Output a Drupal render array, object or string as plain text.

DrushLoggerServiceProviderClass in namespace Drush\Drupal
DrushServiceModifierClass in namespace Drush\Drupal
$ MigrateExecutable#deleteCounterProperty in class MigrateExecutable

Counter of map deletions.

$ MigrateExecutable#deleteMissingSourceRowsProperty in class MigrateExecutable

Whether to delete rows missing from source after an import.

$ MigrateIdMapFilter#destinationIdListProperty in class MigrateIdMapFilter

List of specific destination IDs to filter on.

MigrateMessage::display() — Method in class MigrateMessage

Outputs a message from the migration.

$ MigrateMissingSourceRowsEvent#destinationIdsProperty in class MigrateMissingSourceRowsEvent

Values representing the destination IDs.

DrushClass in namespace Drush

Static Service Container wrapper.

Drush::drush() — Method in class Drush

Run a Drush command on a site alias (or @self).

Drush::debug() — Method in class Drush

Return 'true' if we are in debug mode

DrushFormatterManagerClass in namespace Drush\Formatters

Our own output formatter

DrushLogClass in namespace Drush\Log

Redirects Drupal logging messages to Drush log.

DrushLoggerManagerClass in namespace Drush\Log
LegacyPreflight::defineConstants() — Method in class LegacyPreflight

Define legacy constants.

$ Preflight#drupalFinderProperty in class Preflight
Preflight::drupalFinder() — Method in class Preflight

Return the Drupal Finder

$ PreflightLog#debugProperty in class PreflightLog
PreflightSiteLocator::determineSelf() — Method in class PreflightSiteLocator

Either look up the specified alias name / site spec, or, if those are invalid, then generate one from the provided root and URI.

DrushCommandClass in namespace Drush\Psysh

Main Drush command.

DrushHelpCommandClass in namespace Drush\Psysh

Help command.

DependencyInjectionClass in namespace Drush\Runtime

Prepare our Dependency Injection Container

DependencyInjection::desiredHandlers() — Method in class DependencyInjection
$ Runtime#diProperty in class Runtime
Runtime::doRun() — Method in class Runtime

Start up Drush

$ LegacyAliasConverter#discoveryProperty in class LegacyAliasConverter
LegacyAliasConverter::determineConvertedFilename() — Method in class LegacyAliasConverter
LegacyAliasConverter::dataRemap() — Method in class LegacyAliasConverter

This table allows for flexible remapping from one location in the original alias to any other location in the target alias.

ProcessManager::drush() — Method in class ProcessManager

Run a Drush command on a site alias (or @self).

ProcessManager::drushSiteProcess() — Method in class ProcessManager

drushSiteProcess should be avoided in favor of the drush method above.

ProcessManager::drushScript() — Method in class ProcessManager

Determine the path to Drush to use

$ SqlBase#dbSpecProperty in class SqlBase
SqlBase::dump() — Method in class SqlBase
SqlBase::dumpCmd() — Method in class SqlBase
SqlBase::dumpFile() — Method in class SqlBase
SqlBase::drop() — Method in class SqlBase

Drop specified database.

SqlBase::dropOrCreate() — Method in class SqlBase

Drop all tables (if DB exists) or CREATE target database.

SqlBase::dbExists() — Method in class SqlBase
SqlBase::dbSpecFromDbUrl() — Method in class SqlBase

Convert from an old-style database URL to an array of database settings.

SqlMysql::dbExists() — Method in class SqlMysql
SqlMysql::dumpCmd() — Method in class SqlMysql
SqlPgsql::dbExists() — Method in class SqlPgsql
SqlPgsql::dumpCmd() — Method in class SqlPgsql
SqlSqlite::dbExists() — Method in class SqlSqlite
SqlSqlite::drop() — Method in class SqlSqlite

Drop specified database.

SqlSqlite::dumpCmd() — Method in class SqlSqlite
DrushStyleClass in namespace Drush\Style
DrushArgvInputClass in namespace Drush\Symfony

ArgvInput represents an input coming from the CLI arguments.

DrushStyleInjectorClass in namespace Drush\Symfony
DrushTestTraitClass in namespace Drush\TestTraits

DrushTestTrait provides a drush() method that may be used to write functional tests for Drush extensions.

DrushTestTrait::drush() — Method in class DrushTestTrait

Invoke drush in via execute().

DrushTestTrait::drushMajorVersion() — Method in class DrushTestTrait

Return the major version of Drush


BackendPathEvaluator::evaluate() — Method in class BackendPathEvaluator

Evaluate will check to see if the provided host path contains a path alias. If it does, the alias will be resolved, and the result of the resolution will be injected into the HostPath, replacing the alias.

EmptyBootClass in namespace Drush\Boot

This is a do-nothing 'Boot' class that is used when there is no site at --root, or when no root is specified.

RemoteCommandProxy::execute() — Method in class RemoteCommandProxy
ExampleCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Commands
ExampleCommands::exampleTable() — Method in class ExampleCommands

Demonstrate output formatters. Default format is 'table'.

LegacyCommands::execute() — Method in class LegacyCommands

core:execute has been removed. Please try site:ssh command.

DocsCommands::exampleCommand() — Method in class DocsCommands

Example Drush command file.

EditCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Commands\core
EditCommands::edit() — Method in class EditCommands

Edit drush.yml, site alias, and Drupal settings.php files.

PhpCommands::evaluate() — Method in class PhpCommands

Evaluate arbitrary php code after bootstrapping Drupal (if available).

ConfigLocator::expandCandidates() — Method in class ConfigLocator

Double the candidates, adding '$prefix' before each existing one.

EnvironmentClass in namespace Drush\Config

Store information about the environment

$ Environment#etcPrefixProperty in class Environment
Environment::exportConfigData() — Method in class Environment

Convert the environment object into an exported configuration array.

ConfigCommands::edit() — Method in class ConfigCommands

Open a config file in a text editor. Edits are imported after closing editor.

ConfigExportCommands::export() — Method in class ConfigExportCommands

Export Drupal configuration to a directory.

$ ConfigImportCommands#eventDispatcherProperty in class ConfigImportCommands
EntityCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Commands\core
$ EntityCommands#entityTypeManagerProperty in class EntityCommands
LocaleCommands::export() — Method in class LocaleCommands

Exports to a gettext translation file.

LocaleCommands::exportValidate() — Method in class LocaleCommands

Assure that required options are set.

MigrateRunnerCommands::executeMigration() — Method in class MigrateRunnerCommands

Executes a single migration.

$ ViewsCommands#entityTypeManagerProperty in class ViewsCommands
ViewsCommands::execute() — Method in class ViewsCommands

Execute a view and show a count of the results, or the rendered HTML.

ViewsCommands::enable() — Method in class ViewsCommands

Enable the specified views.

EntityTypeBundleAskTraitClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Commands\field
$ EntityTypeBundleAskTrait#entityTypeBundleInfoProperty in class EntityTypeBundleAskTrait
$ EntityTypeBundleAskTrait#entityTypeManagerProperty in class EntityTypeBundleAskTrait
EntityTypeBundleValidationTraitClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Commands\field
$ EntityTypeBundleValidationTrait#entityTypeManagerProperty in class EntityTypeBundleValidationTrait
$ FieldBaseInfoCommands#entityTypeManagerProperty in class FieldBaseInfoCommands
$ FieldBaseInfoCommands#entityTypeBundleInfoProperty in class FieldBaseInfoCommands
$ FieldBaseInfoCommands#entityFieldManagerProperty in class FieldBaseInfoCommands
$ FieldBaseOverrideCreateCommands#entityTypeManagerProperty in class FieldBaseOverrideCreateCommands
$ FieldBaseOverrideCreateCommands#entityTypeBundleInfoProperty in class FieldBaseOverrideCreateCommands
$ FieldBaseOverrideCreateCommands#entityFieldManagerProperty in class FieldBaseOverrideCreateCommands
$ FieldCreateCommands#entityTypeManagerProperty in class FieldCreateCommands
$ FieldCreateCommands#entityTypeBundleInfoProperty in class FieldCreateCommands
$ FieldCreateCommands#entityFieldManagerProperty in class FieldCreateCommands
FieldCreateCommands::ensureOption() — Method in class FieldCreateCommands
$ FieldDeleteCommands#entityTypeManagerProperty in class FieldDeleteCommands
$ FieldDeleteCommands#entityTypeBundleInfoProperty in class FieldDeleteCommands
$ FieldInfoCommands#entityTypeManagerProperty in class FieldInfoCommands
$ FieldInfoCommands#entityTypeBundleInfoProperty in class FieldInfoCommands
$ PmCommands#extensionListModuleProperty in class PmCommands
PmCommands::enable() — Method in class PmCommands

Enable one or more modules.

PmCommands::extensionStatus() — Method in class PmCommands

Calculate an extension status based on current status and schema version.

ThemeCommands::enable() — Method in class ThemeCommands

Enable one or more themes.

$ SanitizeUserFieldsCommands#entityFieldManagerProperty in class SanitizeUserFieldsCommands
$ SanitizeUserFieldsCommands#entityTypeManagerProperty in class SanitizeUserFieldsCommands
$ SanitizeUserTableCommands#entityTypeManagerProperty in class SanitizeUserTableCommands
ExtensionDiscoveryClass in namespace Drush\Drupal
$ MigrateExecutable#exposeProgressBarProperty in class MigrateExecutable

If the execution exposes a progress bar.

ExecTraitClass in namespace Drush\Exec
$ Preflight#environmentProperty in class Preflight
Preflight::environment() — Method in class Preflight

Return the environment

DrushCommand::execute() — Method in class DrushCommand
DrushHelpCommand::execute() — Method in class DrushHelpCommand
ErrorHandlerClass in namespace Drush\Runtime

Log PHP errors to the Drush log. This is in effect until Drupal's error handler takes over.

ErrorHandler::errorHandler() — Method in class ErrorHandler
RedispatchHook::exitEarly() — Method in class RedispatchHook

Abort the current execution without causing distress to our shutdown handler.

Runtime::exitCode() — Method in class Runtime
SqlTableSelectionTrait::expandAndFilterTables() — Method in class SqlTableSelectionTrait

Given the table names in the input array that may contain wildcards (*), expand the table names so that the array returned only contains table names that exist in the database.

SqlTableSelectionTrait::expandWildcardTables() — Method in class SqlTableSelectionTrait

Expand wildcard tables.

CliTestTrait::execute() — Method in class CliTestTrait

Actually runs the command.

CliTestTrait::escapeshellarg() — Method in class CliTestTrait


Application::find() — Method in class Application
FieldLabelsClass in namespace Drush\Attributes
FilterDefaultFieldClass in namespace Drush\Attributes
BaseBoot::findUri() — Method in class BaseBoot

Select the best URI for the provided cwd. Only called if the user did not explicitly specify a URI.

Boot::findUri() — Method in class Boot

Select the best URI for the provided cwd. Only called if the user did not explicitly specify a URI.

DrupalBoot::findUri() — Method in class DrupalBoot

Select the best URI for the provided cwd. Only called if the user did not explicitly specify a URI.

EditCommands::findBashrc() — Method in class EditCommands

Determine which .bashrc file is best to use on this platform.

ApplicationFactory::filterExists() — Method in class ApplicationFactory

Check each class for existence.

HelpCLIFormatter::formatOptionKeys() — Method in class HelpCLIFormatter
HelpCLIFormatter::formatOptionDescription() — Method in class HelpCLIFormatter
HelpCLIFormatter::formatArgumentName() — Method in class HelpCLIFormatter
SecurityUpdateCommands::fetchAdvisoryComposerJson() — Method in class SecurityUpdateCommands

Fetches the generated composer.json from drupal-security-advisories.

ConfigLocator::findConfigFiles() — Method in class ConfigLocator

Given an array of paths, separates files and directories.

Environment::findDocsPath() — Method in class Environment

Locate the Drush documentation. This is recalculated whenever the share prefix is changed.

Environment::findFromCandidates() — Method in class Environment

Check a list of directories and return the first one that exists.

ImageCommands::flush() — Method in class ImageCommands

Flush all derived images for a given style.

MigrateRunnerCommands::fieldsSource() — Method in class MigrateRunnerCommands

List the fields available for mapping in a source.

StateCommands::format() — Method in class StateCommands
WatchdogCommands::formatResult() — Method in class WatchdogCommands

Format a watchdog database row.

FieldBaseInfoCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Commands\field
FieldBaseOverrideCreateCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Commands\field
FieldCreateCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Commands\field
$ FieldCreateCommands#fieldTypePluginManagerProperty in class FieldCreateCommands
FieldCreateCommands::fieldExists() — Method in class FieldCreateCommands
FieldCreateCommands::fieldStorageExists() — Method in class FieldCreateCommands
FieldDefinitionRowsOfFieldsTraitClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Commands\field
FieldDeleteCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Commands\field
FieldInfoCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Commands\field
DrupalKernelTrait::findModuleDrushServiceProvider() — Method in class DrupalKernelTrait
DrupalKernelTrait::findDefaultServicesFile() — Method in class DrupalKernelTrait
DrupalKernelTrait::findModuleDrushServiceProviderFromComposer() — Method in class DrupalKernelTrait

In composer.json, the Drush version constraints will appear in the 'extra' section like so:

DrupalKernelTrait::findAppropriateServicesFile() — Method in class DrupalKernelTrait
FindCommandsCompilerPassClass in namespace Drush\Drupal

This compiler pass is added to Drupal's ContainerBuilder by our own subclass of DrupalKernel. Our DrupalKernel subclass knows which compiler passes to add because they are registered to it via its 'alter()' method. This happens in DrupalBoot8 immediately after the DrupalKernel object is created.

$ MigrateExecutable#feedbackProperty in class MigrateExecutable

Frequency (in items) at which progress messages should be emitted.

Logger::formatSize() — Method in class Logger
ArgsPreprocessor::findMethodForOptionWithValues() — Method in class ArgsPreprocessor

Check to see if '$opt' is one of the options that we record that takes a value.

Preflight::findSelectedSite() — Method in class Preflight

Find the site the user selected based on --root or cwd. If neither of those result in a site, then we will fall back to the vendor path.

PreflightSiteLocator::findSite() — Method in class PreflightSiteLocator

During bootstrap, finds the currently selected site from the parameters provided on the commandline.

RedispatchToSiteLocal::findSiteLocalDrush() — Method in class RedispatchToSiteLocal

Find a site-local Drush, if there is one in the selected site's vendor directory.

LegacyAliasConverter::fixSiteData() — Method in class LegacyAliasConverter
SqlTableSelectionTrait::filterTables() — Method in class SqlTableSelectionTrait

Filters tables.

FsUtilsClass in namespace Drush\Utils


Application::getUri() — Method in class Application

Return the framework uri selected by the user.

BaseBoot::getUri() — Method in class BaseBoot
BaseBoot::getPhase() — Method in class BaseBoot
BaseBoot::getVersion() — Method in class BaseBoot

Given a site root directory, determine the exact version of the software.

Boot::getVersion() — Method in class Boot

Given a site root directory, determine the exact version of the software.

BootstrapManager::getPhase() — Method in class BootstrapManager
BootstrapManager::getRoot() — Method in class BootstrapManager

Return the framework root selected by the user.

BootstrapManager::getComposerRoot() — Method in class BootstrapManager

Return the composer root for the selected Drupal site.

BootstrapManager::getUri() — Method in class BootstrapManager

Return the framework uri selected by the user.

DrupalBoot::getVersion() — Method in class DrupalBoot

Given a site root directory, determine the exact version of the software.

DrupalBoot8::getRequest() — Method in class DrupalBoot8
DrupalBoot8::getKernel() — Method in class DrupalBoot8
DrupalBoot8::getVersion() — Method in class DrupalBoot8

Given a site root directory, determine the exact version of the software.

DrupalBootLevels::getPhaseName() — Method in class DrupalBootLevels
Kernels::getKernelFactory() — Method in class Kernels

Returns the factory method that can be used to retrieve the given kernel.

GlobalOptionsEventListenerClass in namespace Drush\Command
GlobalOptionsEventListener::getSubscribedEvents() — Method in class GlobalOptionsEventListener
ServiceCommandlist::getCommandList() — Method in class ServiceCommandlist
DrushCommands::getStack() — Method in class DrushCommands

Get a Guzzle handler stack that uses the Drush logger.

CacheCommands::get() — Method in class CacheCommands

Fetch a cached object and display it.

CacheCommands::getTypes() — Method in class CacheCommands

Types of caches available for clearing. Contrib commands can hook in their own.

CoreCommands::globalOptions() — Method in class CoreCommands

All global options.

DocsCommands::generators() — Method in class DocsCommands

Instructions on creating your own Drush Generators.

DrupalDirectoryCommands::getPath() — Method in class DrupalDirectoryCommands

Given a target (e.g.

SiteInstallCommands::getSitesSubdirFromUri() — Method in class SiteInstallCommands

Determine an appropriate site subdir name to use for the provided uri.

StatusCommands::getPropertyList() — Method in class StatusCommands
TopicCommands::getAllTopics() — Method in class TopicCommands

Retrieve all defined topics

UpdateDBCommands::getUpdateList() — Method in class UpdateDBCommands
UpdateDBCommands::getUpdatedbStatus() — Method in class UpdateDBCommands

Return a 2 item array with

  • an array where each item is a 4 item associative array describing a pending update.
ApplicationFactory::getConfig() — Method in class ApplicationFactory
ApplicationFactory::getGenerators() — Method in class ApplicationFactory

Validate and instantiate generator classes.

GenerateCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Commands\generate

Drush generate command.

GenerateCommands::generate() — Method in class GenerateCommands

Generate boilerplate code for modules/plugins/services etc.

GeneratorClassResolverClass in namespace Drush\Commands\generate

A simple adapter to make Drupal class resolver compatible with DCG class resolver.

GeneratorClassResolver::getInstance() — Method in class GeneratorClassResolver
DrushAliasFile::generate() — Method in class DrushAliasFile
DrushCommandFile::generate() — Method in class DrushCommandFile
DrushCommandFile::getComposerJson() — Method in class DrushCommandFile
DrushCommandFile::getOwningModulePath() — Method in class DrushCommandFile
MigrationGenerator::generate() — Method in class MigrationGenerator
DrushHelpDocument::generateBaseHelpDom() — Method in class DrushHelpDocument
ListCommands::getTerminalWidth() — Method in class ListCommands
ConfigAwareTrait::getConfig() — Method in class ConfigAwareTrait

Replaces same method in ConfigAwareTrait in order to provide a DrushConfig as return type. Helps with IDE completion.

ConfigLocator::getSiteAliasPaths() — Method in class ConfigLocator

Get the site aliases according to preflight arguments and environment.

ConfigLocator::getCommandFilePaths() — Method in class ConfigLocator

Get the commandfile paths according to preflight arguments.

ConfigLocator::getBuiltinCommandFilePaths() — Method in class ConfigLocator

Return all of the built-in commandfile locations

ConfigLocator::getIncludedCommandFilePaths() — Method in class ConfigLocator

Return all of the commandfile locations specified via an 'include' option.

ConfigLocator::getSiteCommandFilePaths() — Method in class ConfigLocator

Return all of the commandfile paths in any '$root/drush' or 'dirname($root)/drush' directory that contains a composer.json file or a 'Commands' or 'src/Commands' directory.

Environment::getUsername() — Method in class Environment

Return the name of the user running drush.

Environment::getTmp() — Method in class Environment
Environment::getSiteSetAliasName() — Method in class Environment

Get the site:set alias from the current site:set file path.

Environment::getConfigFileVariant() — Method in class Environment

Get the config file variant -- defined to be the Drush major version number. This is for loading drush.yml and drush10.yml, etc.

Environment::getSiteSetAliasFilePath() — Method in class Environment

Returns the filename for the file that stores the DRUPAL_SITE variable.

ConfigCommands::getConfigFactory() — Method in class ConfigCommands
ConfigCommands::getConfigStorageExport() — Method in class ConfigCommands
ConfigCommands::getImportTransformer() — Method in class ConfigCommands
ConfigCommands::get() — Method in class ConfigCommands

Display a config value, or a whole configuration object.

ConfigCommands::getDirectory() — Method in class ConfigCommands

Determine which configuration directory to use and return directory path.

ConfigCommands::getChanges() — Method in class ConfigCommands

Returns the difference in configuration between active storage and target storage.

ConfigCommands::getStorage() — Method in class ConfigCommands

Get storage corresponding to a configuration directory.

ConfigCommands::getDiff() — Method in class ConfigCommands

Get diff between two config sets.

ConfigExportCommands::getConfigManager() — Method in class ConfigExportCommands
ConfigExportCommands::getConfigStorageExport() — Method in class ConfigExportCommands
ConfigExportCommands::getConfigStorage() — Method in class ConfigExportCommands
ConfigExportCommands::getConfigStorageSync() — Method in class ConfigExportCommands
ConfigImportCommands::getConfigManager() — Method in class ConfigImportCommands
ConfigImportCommands::getConfigStorage() — Method in class ConfigImportCommands
ConfigImportCommands::getConfigStorageSync() — Method in class ConfigImportCommands
ConfigImportCommands::getConfigCache() — Method in class ConfigImportCommands
ConfigImportCommands::getModuleHandler() — Method in class ConfigImportCommands
ConfigImportCommands::getEventDispatcher() — Method in class ConfigImportCommands

Note that type hint is changing https://www.drupal.org/project/drupal/issues/3161983

ConfigImportCommands::getLock() — Method in class ConfigImportCommands
ConfigImportCommands::getConfigTyped() — Method in class ConfigImportCommands
ConfigImportCommands::getModuleInstaller() — Method in class ConfigImportCommands
ConfigImportCommands::getThemeHandler() — Method in class ConfigImportCommands
ConfigImportCommands::getStringTranslation() — Method in class ConfigImportCommands
ConfigImportCommands::getImportTransformer() — Method in class ConfigImportCommands
ConfigImportCommands::getModuleExtensionList() — Method in class ConfigImportCommands
CliCommands::getDrushCommands() — Method in class CliCommands

Returns a filtered list of Drush commands used for CLI commands.

CliCommands::getCasters() — Method in class CliCommands

Returns a mapped array of casters for use in the shell.

CliCommands::getPhpKeywords() — Method in class CliCommands

Returns a list of PHP keywords.

DeployHookCommands::getRegistry() — Method in class DeployHookCommands

Get the deploy hook update registry.

DrupalCommands::getCron() — Method in class DrupalCommands
DrupalCommands::getModuleHandler() — Method in class DrupalCommands
DrupalCommands::getRouteProvider() — Method in class DrupalCommands
EntityCommands::getQuery() — Method in class EntityCommands
JsonapiCommands::get() — Method in class JsonapiCommands

Execute a JSONAPI request.

LanguageCommands::getLanguageManager() — Method in class LanguageCommands
LanguageCommands::getModuleHandler() — Method in class LanguageCommands
LocaleCommands::getLanguageManager() — Method in class LocaleCommands
LocaleCommands::getConfigFactory() — Method in class LocaleCommands
LocaleCommands::getModuleHandler() — Method in class LocaleCommands
LocaleCommands::getState() — Method in class LocaleCommands
MigrateRunnerCommands::getMigrationSourceRowsCount() — Method in class MigrateRunnerCommands

Returns the migration source rows count.

MigrateRunnerCommands::getMigrationNeedingUpdateCount() — Method in class MigrateRunnerCommands

Returns the number of items that needs update.

MigrateRunnerCommands::getMigrationUnprocessedCount() — Method in class MigrateRunnerCommands

Returns the number of unprocessed items.

MigrateRunnerCommands::getMigrationImportedCount() — Method in class MigrateRunnerCommands

Returns the number of imported items.

MigrateRunnerCommands::getMigrationLastImportedTime() — Method in class MigrateRunnerCommands

Returns the last imported date/time if any.

MigrateRunnerCommands::getMigrationList() — Method in class MigrateRunnerCommands

Retrieves a list of active migrations.

MigrateRunnerCommands::getMigrateMessage() — Method in class MigrateRunnerCommands

Returns the migrate message logger.

MigrateRunnerCommands::getSourceIdKeys() — Method in class MigrateRunnerCommands

Get the source ID keys.

QueueCommands::getWorkerManager() — Method in class QueueCommands
QueueCommands::getQueueService() — Method in class QueueCommands
QueueCommands::getQueues() — Method in class QueueCommands
QueueCommands::getQueue() — Method in class QueueCommands
StateCommands::getState() — Method in class StateCommands
StateCommands::get() — Method in class StateCommands

Display a state value.

TwigCommands::getTwig() — Method in class TwigCommands
TwigCommands::getModuleHandler() — Method in class TwigCommands
UserCommands::getAccounts() — Method in class UserCommands

Get accounts from name variables or uid & mail options.

ViewsCommands::getConfigFactory() — Method in class ViewsCommands
ViewsCommands::getModuleHandler() — Method in class ViewsCommands
ViewsCommands::getEntityTypeManager() — Method in class ViewsCommands
ViewsCommands::getRenderer() — Method in class ViewsCommands
FieldBaseOverrideCreateCommands::getBaseFieldDefinition() — Method in class FieldBaseOverrideCreateCommands
FieldCreateCommands::getEntityDisplay() — Method in class FieldCreateCommands
FieldCreateCommands::generateFieldName() — Method in class FieldCreateCommands
FieldCreateCommands::getExistingFieldStorageOptions() — Method in class FieldCreateCommands
FieldDefinitionRowsOfFieldsTrait::getRowsOfFieldsByFieldDefinitions() — Method in class FieldDefinitionRowsOfFieldsTrait
PmCommands::getConfigFactory() — Method in class PmCommands
PmCommands::getModuleInstaller() — Method in class PmCommands
PmCommands::getModuleHandler() — Method in class PmCommands
PmCommands::getThemeHandler() — Method in class PmCommands
PmCommands::getExtensionListModule() — Method in class PmCommands
ThemeCommands::getThemeInstaller() — Method in class ThemeCommands
SanitizeSessionsCommands::getDatabase() — Method in class SanitizeSessionsCommands
SanitizeUserFieldsCommands::getDatabase() — Method in class SanitizeUserFieldsCommands
SanitizeUserFieldsCommands::getEntityFieldManager() — Method in class SanitizeUserFieldsCommands
DrupalKernelTrait::getContainerBuilder() — Method in class DrupalKernelTrait
MigrateExecutable::getIdMap() — Method in class MigrateExecutable
MigrateExecutable::getCreatedCount() — Method in class MigrateExecutable

Returns the number of items created.

MigrateExecutable::getUpdatedCount() — Method in class MigrateExecutable

Returns the number of items updated.

MigrateExecutable::getIgnoredCount() — Method in class MigrateExecutable

Returns the number of items ignored.

MigrateExecutable::getFailedCount() — Method in class MigrateExecutable

Returns the number of items that failed.

MigrateExecutable::getProcessedCount() — Method in class MigrateExecutable

Returns the total number of items processed.

MigrateExecutable::getRollbackCount() — Method in class MigrateExecutable

Returns the number of items rolled back.

MigrateMissingSourceRowsEvent::getMigration() — Method in class MigrateMissingSourceRowsEvent

Gets the migration plugin instance.

MigrateMissingSourceRowsEvent::getDestinationIds() — Method in class MigrateMissingSourceRowsEvent

Gets the destination ID values.

MigratePrepareRowEvent::getRow() — Method in class MigratePrepareRowEvent

Gets the row object.

MigratePrepareRowEvent::getSource() — Method in class MigratePrepareRowEvent

Gets the source plugin.

MigratePrepareRowEvent::getMigration() — Method in class MigratePrepareRowEvent

Gets the migration plugin.

Drush::getTimeout() — Method in class Drush
Drush::getVersion() — Method in class Drush

Return the current Drush version.

Drush::getMajorVersion() — Method in class Drush
Drush::getMinorVersion() — Method in class Drush
Drush::getContainer() — Method in class Drush

Returns the currently active global container.

Drush::getApplication() — Method in class Drush

Get the current Symfony Console Application.

ExecTrait::getEditor() — Method in class ExecTrait
Preflight::getCommandFilePaths() — Method in class Preflight
PreflightArgs::getOptionNameList() — Method in class PreflightArgs

Search through the provided argv list, and return just the option name of any item that is an option.

PreflightLog::getDebug() — Method in class PreflightLog
DrushCommand::getNamespace() — Method in class DrushCommand

Get the namespace of this command.

Shell::getCommand() — Method in class Shell

Get a command (if one exists) for the current input string.

Shell::getCommandFromInput() — Method in class Shell

Get the command from the current input, takes aliases into account.

LegacyAliasConverter::getContents() — Method in class LegacyAliasConverter
SqlBase::getEnv() — Method in class SqlBase

Get environment variables to pass to Process.

SqlBase::getProcess() — Method in class SqlBase

Get the last used Process.

SqlBase::getInstance() — Method in class SqlBase
SqlBase::getDbSpec() — Method in class SqlBase
SqlBase::getOptions() — Method in class SqlBase
SqlBase::getOption() — Method in class SqlBase
SqlPgsql::getEnv() — Method in class SqlPgsql

Get environment variables to pass to Process.

SqlPgsql::getPasswordFile() — Method in class SqlPgsql
SqlTableSelectionTrait::getExpandedTableSelection() — Method in class SqlTableSelectionTrait

Given a list of all tables, expand the convert the wildcards in the option-provided lists into a list of actual table names.

SqlTableSelectionTrait::getTableSelection() — Method in class SqlTableSelectionTrait

Construct an array that places table names in appropriate buckets based on whether the table is to be skipped, included for structure only, or have structure and data dumped.

SqlTableSelectionTrait::getRawTableList() — Method in class SqlTableSelectionTrait

Consult the specified options and return the list of tables specified.

BufferedConsoleOutput::getErrorOutput() — Method in class BufferedConsoleOutput
DrushArgvInput::getFirstArgument() — Method in class DrushArgvInput
DrushArgvInput::getParameterOption() — Method in class DrushArgvInput
DrushStyleInjector::get() — Method in class DrushStyleInjector
IndiscriminateInputDefinition::getOption() — Method in class IndiscriminateInputDefinition
LessStrictArgvInput::getOption() — Method in class LessStrictArgvInput
LessStrictArgvInput::getFirstArgument() — Method in class LessStrictArgvInput
LessStrictArgvInput::getParameterOption() — Method in class LessStrictArgvInput
CliTestTrait::getOutputRaw() — Method in class CliTestTrait

Accessor for the last output, non-trimmed.

CliTestTrait::getErrorOutputRaw() — Method in class CliTestTrait

Accessor for the last stderr output, non-trimmed.

DrushTestTrait::getPathToDrush() — Method in class DrushTestTrait
OutputUtilsTrait::getOutputRaw() — Method in class OutputUtilsTrait

Accessor for the last output, non-trimmed.

OutputUtilsTrait::getErrorOutputRaw() — Method in class OutputUtilsTrait

Accessor for the last stderr output, non-trimmed.

OutputUtilsTrait::getSimplifiedOutput() — Method in class OutputUtilsTrait

Get command output and simplify away things like full paths and extra whitespace.

OutputUtilsTrait::getSimplifiedErrorOutput() — Method in class OutputUtilsTrait

Returns a simplified version of the error output to facilitate testing.

OutputUtilsTrait::getOutput() — Method in class OutputUtilsTrait

Accessor for the last output, trimmed.

OutputUtilsTrait::getErrorOutput() — Method in class OutputUtilsTrait

Accessor for the last stderr output, trimmed.

OutputUtilsTrait::getOutputAsList() — Method in class OutputUtilsTrait

Accessor for the last output, rtrimmed and split on newlines.

OutputUtilsTrait::getErrorOutputAsList() — Method in class OutputUtilsTrait

Accessor for the last stderr output, rtrimmed and split on newlines.

OutputUtilsTrait::getOutputFromJSON() — Method in class OutputUtilsTrait

Accessor for the last output, decoded from json.

FsUtils::getBackupDir() — Method in class FsUtils

Decide where our backup directory should go

FsUtils::getBackupDirParent() — Method in class FsUtils

Get the base dir where our backup directories will be stored. Also stores CLI history file.

FsUtils::getMimeContentType() — Method in class FsUtils

Determines the MIME content type of the specified file.

StringUtils::generatePassword() — Method in class StringUtils

Generate a random alphanumeric password. Copied from user.module.


Bootstrap::handle() — Method in class Bootstrap
HelpClass in namespace Drush\Attributes
HookClass in namespace Drush\Attributes
Kernel::handle() — Method in class Kernel
NoArgumentsBase::handle() — Method in class NoArgumentsBase
ValidateEntityLoad::handle() — Method in class ValidateEntityLoad
ValidateFileExists::handle() — Method in class ValidateFileExists
ValidateModulesEnabled::handle() — Method in class ValidateModulesEnabled
ValidatePermissions::handle() — Method in class ValidatePermissions
ValidatePhpExtensions::handle() — Method in class ValidatePhpExtensions
Version::handle() — Method in class Version
AutoloaderAwareInterface::hasAutoloader() — Method in class AutoloaderAwareInterface
AutoloaderAwareTrait::hasAutoloader() — Method in class AutoloaderAwareTrait
BaseBoot::hasRegisteredSymfonyCommand() — Method in class BaseBoot
BootstrapManager::hasBootstrap() — Method in class BootstrapManager

hasBootstrap determines whether the manager has a bootstrap object yet.

BootstrapManager::hasBootstrapped() — Method in class BootstrapManager

Determine whether a given bootstrap phase has been completed.

DocsCommands::hooks() — Method in class DocsCommands

Drush hooks.

SiteInstallCommands::hasConfigFiles() — Method in class SiteInstallCommands

Check to see if there are any .yml files in the provided config directory.

HelpCLIFormatterClass in namespace Drush\Commands\help

Format an array into CLI help string.

HelpCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Commands\help
HelpCommands::help() — Method in class HelpCommands

Display usage details for a command.

ListCommands::helpList() — Method in class ListCommands

List available commands.

DrushConfig::home() — Method in class DrushConfig
$ Environment#homeDirProperty in class Environment
Environment::homeDir() — Method in class Environment

User's home directory

ConfigCommands::hasImportTransformer() — Method in class ConfigCommands
ConfigImportCommands::hasImportTransformer() — Method in class ConfigImportCommands
CliCommands::historyPath() — Method in class CliCommands

Returns the file path for the CLI history.

LinkHooks::hookOption() — Method in class LinkHooks
LinkHooks::hookSetOptions() — Method in class LinkHooks
LinkHooks::hookFieldConfig() — Method in class LinkHooks
FieldCreateCommands::hasContentTranslation() — Method in class FieldCreateCommands
MigrateExecutable::handleMissingSourceRows() — Method in class MigrateExecutable

Handles missing source rows after import.

Drush::hasContainer() — Method in class Drush

Returns TRUE if the container has been initialized, FALSE otherwise.

Drush::hasService() — Method in class Drush

Indicates if a service is defined in the container.

$ PreflightArgs#homeDirProperty in class PreflightArgs
PreflightArgs::homeDir() — Method in class PreflightArgs
PreflightArgs::hasAlias() — Method in class PreflightArgs
PreflightArgs::hasUri() — Method in class PreflightArgs
PreflightArgsInterface::hasAlias() — Method in class PreflightArgsInterface

Returns 'true' if an '@alias' was set.

Shell::hasCommand() — Method in class Shell

Check whether a command is set for the current input string.

$ DependencyInjection#handlersProperty in class DependencyInjection
HandlerInterfaceClass in namespace Drush\Runtime

HandlerInterface represents a PHP system handler (e.g. the error reporting handler, the shutdown handler) that may be globally installed.

HostPathClass in namespace Drush\SiteAlias

A host path is a path on some machine. The machine may be specified by a label, and the label may be an @alias or a site specification.

DrushArgvInput::hasParameterOption() — Method in class DrushArgvInput
IndiscriminateInputDefinition::hasShortcut() — Method in class IndiscriminateInputDefinition
IndiscriminateInputDefinition::hasOption() — Method in class IndiscriminateInputDefinition
LessStrictArgvInput::hasParameterOption() — Method in class LessStrictArgvInput


BootstrapHook::initialize() — Method in class BootstrapHook
BootstrapManager::injectBootstrap() — Method in class BootstrapManager

For use in testing

BootstrapManager::inflect() — Method in class BootstrapManager
DrushCommands::io() — Method in class DrushCommands

Override Robo's IO function with our custom style.

LegacyCommands::init() — Method in class LegacyCommands

The core:init command was removed. Please edit your .bashrc manually.

LegacyCommands::info() — Method in class LegacyCommands

The pm-info command was removed. Please see drush pm:list and composer show

CacheCommands::interact() — Method in class CacheCommands
NotifyCommands::isAllowed() — Method in class NotifyCommands

Identify if the given Drush request should trigger a notification.

RsyncCommands::injectAliasPathParameterOptions() — Method in class RsyncCommands
SiteCommands::interactSiteAliasConvert() — Method in class SiteCommands
SiteInstallCommands::install() — Method in class SiteInstallCommands

Install Drupal along with modules/themes/configuration/profile.

TopicCommands::interact() — Method in class TopicCommands
HelpCLIFormatter::isGlobalOption() — Method in class HelpCLIFormatter
SqlSyncCommands::import() — Method in class SqlSyncCommands

Import file into target.

$ ConfigLocator#isLocalProperty in class ConfigLocator
ConfigLocator::identifyCandidates() — Method in class ConfigLocator

Given a list of paths, and candidates that might exist at each path, return all of the candidates that can be found. Candidates may be either directories or files.

ConfigLocator::identifyCandidatesAtPath() — Method in class ConfigLocator

Search for all matching candidate locations at a single path.

DrushConfig::isWindows() — Method in class DrushConfig
Environment::isWindows() — Method in class Environment

Determine whether current OS is a Windows variant.

$ ConfigCommands#importStorageTransformerProperty in class ConfigCommands
ConfigCommands::interactConfigName() — Method in class ConfigCommands
$ ConfigImportCommands#importStorageTransformerProperty in class ConfigImportCommands
ConfigImportCommands::import() — Method in class ConfigImportCommands

Import config from a config directory.

ImageCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Commands\core
ImageCommands::interactFlush() — Method in class ImageCommands
ImageCommands::initFlush() — Method in class ImageCommands
LanguageCommands::info() — Method in class LanguageCommands

Print the currently available languages.

LinkHooks::isInstalled() — Method in class LinkHooks
LocaleCommands::import() — Method in class LocaleCommands

Imports to a gettext translation file.

MigrateRunnerCommands::import() — Method in class MigrateRunnerCommands

Perform one or more migration processes.

UserCommands::information() — Method in class UserCommands

Print information about the specified user(s).

UserCommands::infoArray() — Method in class UserCommands

A flatter and simpler array presentation of a Drupal $user object.

WatchdogCommands::interactList() — Method in class WatchdogCommands
$ EntityTypeBundleAskTrait#inputProperty in class EntityTypeBundleAskTrait
FieldBaseInfoCommands::info() — Method in class FieldBaseInfoCommands

List all base fields of an entity type

FieldInfoCommands::info() — Method in class FieldInfoCommands

List all configurable fields of an entity bundle

SanitizeUserTableCommands::isEnabled() — Method in class SanitizeUserTableCommands

Test an option value to see if it is disabled.

DrupalKernelTrait::initializeContainer() — Method in class DrupalKernelTrait

Initializes the service container.

InstallerKernelClass in namespace Drush\Drupal

Overridden version of InstallerKernel adapted to the needs of Drush.

$ MigrateExecutable#idlistProperty in class MigrateExecutable

List of specific source IDs to import.

$ MigrateExecutable#idMapProperty in class MigrateExecutable

Static cached ID map.

MigrateExecutable::importFeedbackMessage() — Method in class MigrateExecutable

Emits information on the import progress.

MigrateExecutable::initProgressBar() — Method in class MigrateExecutable

Initializes the command progress bar if possible.

Drush::input() — Method in class Drush

Return the input object

ArgsPreprocessor::isAliasOrSiteSpec() — Method in class ArgsPreprocessor

Determine whether the provided argument is an alias or a site specification.

LegacyPreflight::includeCode() — Method in class LegacyPreflight

Include old code. It is an aspirational goal to remove or refactor all of this into more modular, class-based code.

Preflight::init() — Method in class Preflight

Perform preliminary initialization. This mostly involves setting up legacy systems.

PreflightArgs::isLocal() — Method in class PreflightArgs

Determine whether Drush is in "local" mode

PreflightArgs::isSimulated() — Method in class PreflightArgs

Determine whether Drush is in "simulated" mode.

PreflightArgs::isStrict() — Method in class PreflightArgs

Determine whether Drush is in "strict" mode or not.

PreflightVerify::invalidIniValue() — Method in class PreflightVerify

Determine whether an ini value is valid based on the criteria.

DependencyInjection::initContainer() — Method in class DependencyInjection

Set up our dependency injection container.

DependencyInjection::installHandlers() — Method in class DependencyInjection

Make sure we are notified on exit, and when bad things happen.

DependencyInjection::injectApplicationServices() — Method in class DependencyInjection
ErrorHandler::installHandler() — Method in class ErrorHandler
HandlerInterface::installHandler() — Method in class HandlerInterface
RedispatchHook::initialize() — Method in class RedispatchHook

Check to see if it is necessary to redispatch to a remote site.

ShutdownHandler::installHandler() — Method in class ShutdownHandler
LegacyAliasConverter::isSimulate() — Method in class LegacyAliasConverter
InternalYamlDataFileLoaderClass in namespace Drush\SiteAlias\Util
IndiscriminateInputDefinitionClass in namespace Drush\Symfony

This is an InputDefinition that allows any option to be considered valid.

LessStrictArgvInput::injectAdditionalOptions() — Method in class LessStrictArgvInput
$ CliTestTrait#idleTimeoutProperty in class CliTestTrait

Idle timeouts for commands.

CliTestTrait::isWindows() — Method in class CliTestTrait
FsUtils::isUsableDirectory() — Method in class FsUtils

Determine if the specified location is writable, or if a writable directory could be created at that path.

FsUtils::isTarball() — Method in class FsUtils

Check whether a file is a supported tarball.

StringUtils::interpolate() — Method in class StringUtils

Replace placeholders in a string.


JsonapiCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Commands\core


KernelClass in namespace Drush\Attributes
$ DrupalBoot8#kernelProperty in class DrupalBoot8
KernelsClass in namespace Drush\Boot

Defines the available kernels that can be bootstrapped.

$ MigrateRunnerCommands#keyValueProperty in class MigrateRunnerCommands

The key-value store service.

LegacyAliasConverter::keyConversion() — Method in class LegacyAliasConverter

Anything in the key of the returned array is converted and written to a new top-level item in the result.


Application::loadCommandClasses() — Method in class Application

Ensure that any discovered class that is not part of the autoloader is, in fact, included.

BackendPathEvaluator::lookup() — Method in class BackendPathEvaluator

Lookup will use the provided alias record to look up and return the value of a path alias.

$ AutoloaderAwareTrait#loaderProperty in class AutoloaderAwareTrait
BaseBoot::lookUpPhaseIndex() — Method in class BaseBoot

Convert from a phase shorthand or constant to a phase index.

Boot::lookUpPhaseIndex() — Method in class Boot

Convert from a phase shorthand or constant to a phase index.

BootstrapManager::locateRoot() — Method in class BootstrapManager
BootstrapManager::latch() — Method in class BootstrapManager

Once bootstrapping has started, we stash the bootstrap object being used, and do not allow it to change any longer.

BootstrapManager::logger() — Method in class BootstrapManager

Allow those with an instance to us to the BootstrapManager to use its logger

DrushCommands::logger() — Method in class DrushCommands

Returns a logger object.

LegacyCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Commands
CacheCommands::loadDrupalAutoloader() — Method in class CacheCommands

Loads the Drupal autoloader and returns the instance.

EditCommands::load() — Method in class EditCommands
LoginCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Commands\core
LoginCommands::login() — Method in class LoginCommands

Display a one time login link for user ID 1, or another user.

$ ApplicationFactory#loggerProperty in class ApplicationFactory
ApplicationFactory::logger() — Method in class ApplicationFactory
ListCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Commands\help
SecurityUpdateCommands::loadSiteComposerLock() — Method in class SecurityUpdateCommands

Loads the contents of the local Drupal application's composer.lock file.

$ Environment#loaderProperty in class Environment
Environment::loadSiteAutoloader() — Method in class Environment

Load the autoloader for the selected Drupal site.

Environment::loader() — Method in class Environment

The class loader returned when the autoload.php file is included.

YamlConfigLoader::load() — Method in class YamlConfigLoader
$ ConfigImportCommands#lockProperty in class ConfigImportCommands
EntityCommands::loadSave() — Method in class EntityCommands

Load and save entities.

LanguageCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Commands\core
$ LanguageCommands#languageManagerProperty in class LanguageCommands
LinkHooksClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Commands\core
LocaleCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Commands\core
$ LocaleCommands#languageManagerProperty in class LocaleCommands
MessengerCommands::log() — Method in class MessengerCommands
FieldBaseOverrideCreateCommands::logResult() — Method in class FieldBaseOverrideCreateCommands
FieldCreateCommands::logResult() — Method in class FieldCreateCommands
$ MigrateExecutable#limitProperty in class MigrateExecutable

Maximum number of items to process in this migration.

$ MigrateExecutable#listenersProperty in class MigrateExecutable

List of event listeners we have registered.

Drush::logger() — Method in class Drush

Return the Drush logger object.

DrushLog::log() — Method in class DrushLog
LogLevelClass in namespace Drush\Log

Additional log levels that Drush uses for historical reasons.

LoggerClass in namespace Drush\Log
Logger::log() — Method in class Logger
LegacyPreflightClass in namespace Drush\Preflight

Prepare to bootstrap Drupal

$ Preflight#loggerProperty in class Preflight
Preflight::logger() — Method in class Preflight
Preflight::loadSiteAutoloader() — Method in class Preflight
PreflightLog::log() — Method in class PreflightLog
PreflightVerify::loadedPhpIniMessage() — Method in class PreflightVerify

Returns a localizable message about php.ini that varies depending on whether the php_ini_loaded_file() is available or not.

LegacyAliasConverterClass in namespace Drush\SiteAlias

Find all legacy alias files and convert them to an equivalent '.yml' file.

InternalYamlDataFileLoader::load() — Method in class InternalYamlDataFileLoader
SqlBase::logQueryInDebugMode() — Method in class SqlBase

Show the query in debug mode and simulate mode

SqlBase::listTables() — Method in class SqlBase

Extract the name of all existing tables in the given database.

SqlBase::listTablesQuoted() — Method in class SqlBase

Extract the name of all existing tables in the given database.

SqlMysql::listTables() — Method in class SqlMysql

Extract the name of all existing tables in the given database.

SqlMysql::listTablesQuoted() — Method in class SqlMysql

Extract the name of all existing tables in the given database.

SqlPgsql::listTables() — Method in class SqlPgsql

Extract the name of all existing tables in the given database.

SqlSqlite::listTables() — Method in class SqlSqlite

Extract the name of all existing tables in the given database.

LessStrictArgvInputClass in namespace Drush\Symfony

UnvalidatedArgvInput is an ArgvInput that never reports errors when extra options are provided.


MiscClass in namespace Drush\Attributes
BootstrapManager::maxPhaseLimit() — Method in class BootstrapManager
LegacyCommands::make() — Method in class LegacyCommands

Make has been removed, in favor of Composer. Use the make-convert command in Drush 8 to quickly upgrade your build to Composer.

DocsCommands::migrate() — Method in class DocsCommands

Defining and running migrations.

MkCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Commands\core
$ UpdateDBCommands#maintenanceModeOriginalStateProperty in class UpdateDBCommands
MigrationGeneratorClass in namespace Drush\Commands\generate\Generators\Migrate

Implements generate migration command.

$ ConfigImportCommands#moduleInstallerProperty in class ConfigImportCommands
$ ConfigImportCommands#moduleHandlerProperty in class ConfigImportCommands
$ ConfigImportCommands#moduleExtensionListProperty in class ConfigImportCommands

The module extension list.

$ DrupalCommands#moduleHandlerProperty in class DrupalCommands
$ LanguageCommands#moduleHandlerProperty in class LanguageCommands
$ LinkHooks#moduleHandlerProperty in class LinkHooks
$ LocaleCommands#moduleHandlerProperty in class LocaleCommands
MessengerCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Commands\core
$ MessengerCommands#messengerProperty in class MessengerCommands
MigrateRunnerCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Commands\core

Migrate runner commands.

$ MigrateRunnerCommands#migrationPluginManagerProperty in class MigrateRunnerCommands

Migration plugin manager service.

$ MigrateRunnerCommands#migrateMessageProperty in class MigrateRunnerCommands

Migrate message service.

MigrateRunnerCommands::messages() — Method in class MigrateRunnerCommands

View any messages associated with a migration.

$ TwigCommands#moduleHandlerProperty in class TwigCommands
$ ViewsCommands#moduleHandlerProperty in class ViewsCommands
WatchdogCommands::messageTypes() — Method in class WatchdogCommands

Helper function to obtain the message types based on drupal version.

$ FieldCreateCommands#moduleHandlerProperty in class FieldCreateCommands
$ PmCommands#moduleInstallerProperty in class PmCommands
$ PmCommands#moduleHandlerProperty in class PmCommands
$ SanitizeCommentsCommands#moduleHandlerProperty in class SanitizeCommentsCommands
SanitizeCommentsCommands::messages() — Method in class SanitizeCommentsCommands
SanitizePluginInterface::messages() — Method in class SanitizePluginInterface
SanitizeSessionsCommands::messages() — Method in class SanitizeSessionsCommands
SanitizeUserFieldsCommands::messages() — Method in class SanitizeUserFieldsCommands
SanitizeUserTableCommands::messages() — Method in class SanitizeUserTableCommands
MigrateEventsClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Migrate

Defines the row preparation event for the migration system.

MigrateExecutableClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Migrate
MigrateIdMapFilterClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Migrate

Filters the ID map by a source and/or a destination ID list.

MigrateMessageClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Migrate

Print message in drush from migrate message.

MigrateMissingSourceRowsEventClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Migrate

Missing source rows event.

$ MigrateMissingSourceRowsEvent#migrationProperty in class MigrateMissingSourceRowsEvent

The migration plugin instance.

MigratePrepareRowEventClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Migrate

Wraps a prepare-row event for event listeners.

$ MigratePrepareRowEvent#migrationProperty in class MigratePrepareRowEvent

Migration plugin.

MigrateUtilsClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Migrate

Utility methods.

$ Drush#majorVersionProperty in class Drush
$ Drush#minorVersionProperty in class Drush
ArgsRemapper::matches() — Method in class ArgsRemapper

Check to see if the provided single arg matches the candidate.

PreflightArgs::mergeConfigPaths() — Method in class PreflightArgs

Add multiple additional locations where drush.yml files may be found.

PreflightArgs::mergeAliasPaths() — Method in class PreflightArgs

Add multiple additional locations for alias paths.

PreflightArgs::mergeCommandPaths() — Method in class PreflightArgs

Add multiple paths where commandfiles might be found.


NoArgumentsBaseClass in namespace Drush\Attributes
NotifyCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Commands\core
$ DrushAliasFile#nameProperty in class DrushAliasFile
$ DrushCommandFile#nameProperty in class DrushCommandFile
$ MigrationGenerator#nameProperty in class MigrationGenerator
Drush::negative() — Method in class Drush

Return 'true' if we are in negative mode

ArgsPreprocessor::nextCouldBeValue() — Method in class ArgsPreprocessor

nextCouldBeValue determines whether there is a next argument that exists and does not begin with a -.

DrushStyle::note() — Method in class DrushStyle


OptionClass in namespace Drush\Attributes
OptionsetGetEditorClass in namespace Drush\Attributes
OptionsetProcBuildClass in namespace Drush\Attributes
OptionsetSqlClass in namespace Drush\Attributes
OptionsetSshClass in namespace Drush\Attributes
OptionsetTableSelectionClass in namespace Drush\Attributes
OptionsCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Commands
OptionsCommands::optionsetProcBuild() — Method in class OptionsCommands
OptionsCommands::optionsetGetEditor() — Method in class OptionsCommands
OptionsCommands::optionsetSsh() — Method in class OptionsCommands
OptionsCommands::optionsetSql() — Method in class OptionsCommands
OptionsCommands::optionsetTableSelection() — Method in class OptionsCommands
DocsCommands::outputFormatsFilters() — Method in class DocsCommands

Output formatters and filters: control the command output

DrupliconCommands::optionset() — Method in class DrupliconCommands
MkCommands::optionToArray() — Method in class MkCommands

Build an array since that's what HelpCLIFormatter expects.

NotifyCommands::optionsetNotify() — Method in class NotifyCommands
XhprofCommands::optionsetXhProf() — Method in class XhprofCommands
$ Environment#originalCwdProperty in class Environment
SanitizeUserFieldsCommands::options() — Method in class SanitizeUserFieldsCommands
SanitizeUserTableCommands::options() — Method in class SanitizeUserTableCommands
$ MigrateExecutable#outputProperty in class MigrateExecutable

The Symfony console output.

MigrateExecutable::onMapSave() — Method in class MigrateExecutable

Counts up any map save events.

MigrateExecutable::onMapDelete() — Method in class MigrateExecutable

Counts up any rollback events.

MigrateExecutable::onPreImport() — Method in class MigrateExecutable

Reacts when the import is about to start.

MigrateExecutable::onMissingSourceRows() — Method in class MigrateExecutable

Reacts on detecting a list of missing source rows after an import.

MigrateExecutable::onPostImport() — Method in class MigrateExecutable

Reacts to migration completion.

MigrateExecutable::onPreRollback() — Method in class MigrateExecutable

Reacts when the rollback is about to starts.

MigrateExecutable::onPostRollback() — Method in class MigrateExecutable

Reacts to rollback completion.

MigrateExecutable::onPreRowSave() — Method in class MigrateExecutable

Reacts to an item about to be imported.

MigrateExecutable::onPostRowSave() — Method in class MigrateExecutable

Reacts aftre a row has been deleted.

MigrateExecutable::onPostRowDelete() — Method in class MigrateExecutable

Reacts to item rollback.

MigrateExecutable::onPrepareRow() — Method in class MigrateExecutable

Reacts to a new row being prepared.

Drush::output() — Method in class Drush

Return the output object

PreflightArgs::optionsWithValues() — Method in class PreflightArgs
PreflightArgs::optionConfigMap() — Method in class PreflightArgs

Map of option key to the corresponding config key to store the preflight option in. The values of the config items in this map must be BOOLEANS or STRINGS.

PreflightArgs::optionConfigPathMap() — Method in class PreflightArgs

Map of path option keys to the corresponding config key to store the preflight option in. The values of the items in this map must be STRINGS or ARRAYS OF STRINGS.

PreflightArgsInterface::optionsWithValues() — Method in class PreflightArgsInterface

Return an associative array of '--option' => 'methodName'.

$ PreflightLog#outputProperty in class PreflightLog
LegacyAliasConverter::outputFilename() — Method in class LegacyAliasConverter
$ SqlBase#optionsProperty in class SqlBase
OutputUtilsTraitClass in namespace Drush\TestTraits

OutputUtilsTrait provides some useful utility methods for test classes that define getOutputRaw() and getErrorOutputRaw() methods.


$ BaseBoot#phaseProperty in class BaseBoot
$ BootstrapManager#phaseProperty in class BootstrapManager
DrushCommands::printFile() — Method in class DrushCommands

Print the contents of a file.

DrushCommands::preHook() — Method in class DrushCommands

Persist commandData for use in primary command callback. Used by 'topic' commands.

DrushCommands::printFileTopic() — Method in class DrushCommands

Print the contents of a file. The path comes from the @topic annotation.

LegacyCommands::projectInfo() — Method in class LegacyCommands

The pm-projectinfo command was removed. Please see drush pm:list and composer show

ConfigPullCommands::pull() — Method in class ConfigPullCommands

Export and transfer config from one environment to another.

DocsCommands::policy() — Method in class DocsCommands

Example policy file.

$ DrupalDirectoryCommands#pathEvaluatorProperty in class DrupalDirectoryCommands
$ DrupliconCommands#printedProperty in class DrupliconCommands
EditCommands::phpIniFiles() — Method in class EditCommands
MkCommands::prepare() — Method in class MkCommands

Empty target directories.

PhpCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Commands\core
$ RsyncCommands#pathEvaluatorProperty in class RsyncCommands
RsyncCommands::preCommandEvent() — Method in class RsyncCommands

Evaluate the path aliases in the source and destination parameters. We do this in the pre-command-event so that we can set up the configuration object to include options from the source and target aliases, if any, so that these values may participate in configuration injection.

RunserverCommands::parseUri() — Method in class RunserverCommands

Parse a URI or partial URI (including just a port, host IP or path).

SiteInstallCommands::pre() — Method in class SiteInstallCommands

Perform setup tasks before installation.

StatusCommands::pathAliases() — Method in class StatusCommands
UpdateDBCommands::process() — Method in class UpdateDBCommands

Process operations in the specified batch set.

$ ConfigLocator#processedConfigPathsProperty in class ConfigLocator
BatchCommands::process() — Method in class BatchCommands

Process operations in the specified batch set.

MessengerCommands::pre() — Method in class MessengerCommands
MessengerCommands::post() — Method in class MessengerCommands
MigrateRunnerCommands::padTableRow() — Method in class MigrateRunnerCommands

Pads an incomplete table row with empty cells.

MigrateRunnerCommands::preprocessMessageRow() — Method in class MigrateRunnerCommands

Preprocesses migrate message rows.

UserCommands::password() — Method in class UserCommands

Set the password for the user account with the specified name.

PmCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Commands\pm
PmCommands::pmList() — Method in class PmCommands

Show a list of available extensions (modules and themes).

$ SanitizeUserTableCommands#passwordHasherProperty in class SanitizeUserTableCommands
FindCommandsCompilerPass::process() — Method in class FindCommandsCompilerPass
$ MigrateExecutable#preExistingItemProperty in class MigrateExecutable

Whether the destination item exists before saving.

$ MigrateExecutable#progressBarProperty in class MigrateExecutable

The Symfony progress bar.

MigrateExecutable::progressFinish() — Method in class MigrateExecutable

Removes the progress bar after operation is finished.

MigrateUtils::parseIdList() — Method in class MigrateUtils

Parses as an array the list of IDs received from console.

Drush::processManager() — Method in class Drush
Drush::process() — Method in class Drush

Run a bash fragment locally.

ExecTrait::programExists() — Method in class ExecTrait
$ DrushLog#parserProperty in class DrushLog

The message's placeholders parser.

ArgsPreprocessor::parse() — Method in class ArgsPreprocessor

Parse the argv array.

PreflightClass in namespace Drush\Preflight

The Drush preflight determines what needs to be done for this request.

$ Preflight#preflightArgsProperty in class Preflight
Preflight::preflightArgs() — Method in class Preflight

Preprocess the args, removing any @sitealias that may be present.

Preflight::prepareConfig() — Method in class Preflight

Create the initial config locator object, and inject any needed settings, paths and so on into it.

Preflight::preflight() — Method in class Preflight
PreflightArgsClass in namespace Drush\Preflight

Storage for arguments preprocessed during preflight.

PreflightArgs::passArgs() — Method in class PreflightArgs
PreflightArgsInterfaceClass in namespace Drush\Preflight

Storage for arguments preprocessed during preflight.

PreflightArgsInterface::passArgs() — Method in class PreflightArgsInterface

Add everything in the provided array to the list returned by args()

PreflightLogClass in namespace Drush\Preflight
PreflightSiteLocatorClass in namespace Drush\Preflight
PreflightVerifyClass in namespace Drush\Preflight

Helper methods to verify preflight state.

$ RedispatchHook#processManagerProperty in class RedispatchHook
$ Runtime#preflightProperty in class Runtime
ProcessManagerClass in namespace Drush\SiteAlias

The Drush ProcessManager adds a few Drush-specific service methods.

ProcessManager::process() — Method in class ProcessManager

Run a bash fragment locally.

$ SqlBase#processProperty in class SqlBase
SqlBase::paramsToOptions() — Method in class SqlBase
BootstrapCompilerPass::process() — Method in class BootstrapCompilerPass
DrushArgvInput::parse() — Method in class DrushArgvInput
LessStrictArgvInput::parse() — Method in class LessStrictArgvInput
$ CliTestTrait#processProperty in class CliTestTrait
OutputUtilsTrait::pathsToSimplify() — Method in class OutputUtilsTrait
FsUtils::prepareBackupDir() — Method in class FsUtils

Prepare a backup directory.


SqlCommands::query() — Method in class SqlCommands

Execute a query against a database.

QueueCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Commands\core
$ QueueCommands#queueServiceProperty in class QueueCommands
$ QueueCommands#queuesProperty in class QueueCommands

Keep track of queue definitions.

QueueCommands::qList() — Method in class QueueCommands

Returns a list of all defined queues.

$ SqlBase#queryExtraProperty in class SqlBase
$ SqlBase#queryFileProperty in class SqlBase
SqlBase::query() — Method in class SqlBase

Execute a SQL query. Respect simulate mode.

SqlBase::queryPrefix() — Method in class SqlBase
SqlBase::queryFormat() — Method in class SqlBase
$ SqlMysql#queryExtraProperty in class SqlMysql
$ SqlPgsql#queryExtraProperty in class SqlPgsql
$ SqlPgsql#queryFileProperty in class SqlPgsql
SqlPgsql::queryFormat() — Method in class SqlPgsql


$ Application#redispatchHookProperty in class Application
Application::refineUriSelection() — Method in class Application

If the user did not explicitly select a site URI, then pick an appropriate site from the cwd.

Application::renderException() — Method in class Application

Renders a caught exception. Omits the command docs at end.

BackendPathEvaluator::resolve() — Method in class BackendPathEvaluator

Resolve will check to see if the provided host path contains a path alias. If it does, the alias will be resolved, and the result of the resolution will be returned.

BackendPathEvaluator::request() — Method in class BackendPathEvaluator

Request the value of the path alias from the site associated with the alias record.

BaseBoot::reportCommandError() — Method in class BaseBoot

Called by Drush if a command is not found, or if the command was found, but did not meet requirements.

Boot::reportCommandError() — Method in class Boot

Called by Drush if a command is not found, or if the command was found, but did not meet requirements.

$ DrupalBoot8#requestProperty in class DrupalBoot8
RemoteCommandProxyClass in namespace Drush\Command

Create a placeholder proxy command to represent an unknown command.

$ RemoteCommandProxy#redispatchHookProperty in class RemoteCommandProxy
LegacyCommands::refresh() — Method in class LegacyCommands

The pm-refresh command was removed. It is no longer useful.

LegacyCommands::releaseNotes() — Method in class LegacyCommands

The pm-releasenotes command was removed. No replacement available.

LegacyCommands::releases() — Method in class LegacyCommands

The pm-releases command was removed. Please see composer show <packagename>

CacheCommands::rebuild() — Method in class CacheCommands

Rebuild a Drupal 8 site.

DocsCommands::readme() — Method in class DocsCommands
NotifyCommands::registerShutdown() — Method in class NotifyCommands
RsyncCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Commands\core
RsyncCommands::rsync() — Method in class RsyncCommands

Rsync Drupal code or files to/from another server using ssh.

RsyncCommands::rsyncOptions() — Method in class RsyncCommands
RunserverCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Commands\core
RunserverCommands::runserver() — Method in class RunserverCommands

Runs PHP's built-in http server for development.

StatusCommands::renderStatusCell() — Method in class StatusCommands
UpdateDBCommands::restoreMaintMode() — Method in class UpdateDBCommands
ListCommands::renderListCLI() — Method in class ListCommands
ListCommands::renderListRaw() — Method in class ListCommands
SqlSyncCommands::rsync() — Method in class SqlSyncCommands
$ DrupalCommands#routeProviderProperty in class DrupalCommands
DrupalCommands::requirements() — Method in class DrupalCommands

Information about things that may be wrong in your Drupal installation.

DrupalCommands::route() — Method in class DrupalCommands

View information about all routes or one route.

MigrateRunnerCommands::rollback() — Method in class MigrateRunnerCommands

Rollback one or more migrations.

MigrateRunnerCommands::resetStatus() — Method in class MigrateRunnerCommands

Reset an active migration's status to idle.

QueueCommands::run() — Method in class QueueCommands

Run a specific queue by name.

RoleCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Commands\core
RoleCommands::roleAddPerm() — Method in class RoleCommands

Grant specified permission(s) to a role.

RoleCommands::roleRemovePerm() — Method in class RoleCommands

Remove specified permission(s) from a role.

RoleCommands::roleList() — Method in class RoleCommands

Display a list of all roles defined on the system.

RoleCommands::renderPermsCell() — Method in class RoleCommands
UserCommands::renderRolesCell() — Method in class UserCommands
UserCommands::removeRole() — Method in class UserCommands

Remove a role from the specified user accounts.

$ ViewsCommands#rendererProperty in class ViewsCommands
FieldDefinitionRowsOfFieldsTrait::renderArray() — Method in class FieldDefinitionRowsOfFieldsTrait
FieldDefinitionRowsOfFieldsTrait::renderBoolean() — Method in class FieldDefinitionRowsOfFieldsTrait
DrushLoggerServiceProvider::register() — Method in class DrushLoggerServiceProvider
ExtensionDiscovery::reset() — Method in class ExtensionDiscovery
MigrateExecutable::rollbackFeedbackMessage() — Method in class MigrateExecutable

Emits information on the rollback execution progress.

MigrateExecutable::resetCounters() — Method in class MigrateExecutable

Resets all the per-status counters to 0.

$ MigratePrepareRowEvent#rowProperty in class MigratePrepareRowEvent

Row object.

$ Drush#runnerProperty in class Drush

The Robo Runner -- manages and constructs all commandfile classes

Drush::runner() — Method in class Drush

Return the Robo runner.

Drush::redispatchOptions() — Method in class Drush
$ ArgsPreprocessor#remapperProperty in class ArgsPreprocessor
$ ArgsRemapper#remapOptionsProperty in class ArgsRemapper
$ ArgsRemapper#remapCommandAliasesProperty in class ArgsRemapper
ArgsRemapper::remap() — Method in class ArgsRemapper

Given an $argv array, apply all remap operations on each item within it.

ArgsRemapper::remapOptions() — Method in class ArgsRemapper
ArgsRemapper::remapCommandAlias() — Method in class ArgsRemapper
Preflight::remapOptions() — Method in class Preflight

Remapping table for arguments. Anything found in a key here will be converted to the corresponding value entry.

Preflight::remapCommandAliases() — Method in class Preflight

Symfony Console dislikes certain command aliases, because they are too similar to other Drush commands that contain the same characters. To avoid the "I don't know which command you mean"-type errors, we will replace problematic aliases with their longhand equivalents.

RedispatchToSiteLocalClass in namespace Drush\Preflight

RedispatchToSiteLocal forces an exec to the site-local Drush if it exist. We must do this super-early, before loading Drupal's autoload file. If we do not, we will crash unless the site-local Drush and the global Drush are using the exact same versions of all dependencies, which will rarely line up sufficiently to prevent problems.

RedispatchToSiteLocal::redispatchIfSiteLocalDrush() — Method in class RedispatchToSiteLocal

Determine if a local redispatch is needed, and do so if it is.

RedispatchHookClass in namespace Drush\Runtime

The RedispatchHook is installed as an init hook that runs before all commands. If the commandline contains an alias or a site specification that points at a remote machine, then we will stop execution of the current command and instead run the command remotely.

RedispatchHook::redispatchIfRemote() — Method in class RedispatchHook

Check to see if the target of the command is remote. Call redispatch if it is.

RedispatchHook::redispatch() — Method in class RedispatchHook

Called from RemoteCommandProxy::execute() to run remote commands.

RuntimeClass in namespace Drush\Runtime

Control the Drush runtime environment

Runtime::run() — Method in class Runtime

Run the application, catching any errors that may be thrown.

ShutdownHandler::returnStatus() — Method in class ShutdownHandler
LegacyAliasConverter::readChecksum() — Method in class LegacyAliasConverter
LegacyAliasConverter::recoverLegacyFile() — Method in class LegacyAliasConverter
LegacyAliasConverter::remapData() — Method in class LegacyAliasConverter
LegacyAliasConverter::removePercentFromKey() — Method in class LegacyAliasConverter
FsUtils::realpath() — Method in class FsUtils

Returns canonicalized absolute pathname.

StringUtils::replaceTilde() — Method in class StringUtils

Replace tilde in a path with the HOME directory.


Application::setBootstrapManager() — Method in class Application
Application::setAliasManager() — Method in class Application
Application::setRedispatchHook() — Method in class Application
Application::setTildeExpansionHook() — Method in class Application
Application::selectUri() — Method in class Application

Select a URI to use for the site, based on directory or config.

AutoloaderAwareInterface::setAutoloader() — Method in class AutoloaderAwareInterface
AutoloaderAwareTrait::setAutoloader() — Method in class AutoloaderAwareTrait
BaseBoot::setUri() — Method in class BaseBoot

Inject the uri for the specific site to be bootstrapped

BaseBoot::setPhase() — Method in class BaseBoot
Boot::setUri() — Method in class Boot

Inject the uri for the specific site to be bootstrapped

BootstrapManager::setPhase() — Method in class BootstrapManager
BootstrapManager::setDrupalFinder() — Method in class BootstrapManager
BootstrapManager::selectUri() — Method in class BootstrapManager

This method is called by the Application iff the user did not explicitly provide a URI.

BootstrapManager::setUri() — Method in class BootstrapManager
BootstrapManager::selectBootstrapClass() — Method in class BootstrapManager

Select the bootstrap class to use. If this is called multiple times, the bootstrap class returned might change on subsequent calls, if the root directory changes. Once the bootstrap object starts changing the state of the system, however, it will be 'latched', and further calls to Drush::bootstrap() will always return the same object.

DrupalBoot::scanUpForUri() — Method in class DrupalBoot
DrupalBoot8::setRequest() — Method in class DrupalBoot8
DrupalBoot8::setLogger() — Method in class DrupalBoot8

Sometimes (e.g. in the integration tests), the DrupalBoot object will be cached, and re-injected into a fresh set of preflight / bootstrap objects. When this happens, the new Drush logger will be injected into the boot object. If this happens after we have created the Drupal logger adapter (i.e., after bootstrapping Drupal), then we also need to update the logger reference in that adapter.

GlobalOptionsEventListener::setGlobalOptions() — Method in class GlobalOptionsEventListener

Before a Console command runs, examine the global commandline options from the event Input, and set configuration values as appropriate.

ServiceCommandlistClass in namespace Drush\Command

Keep a list of all of the service commands that we can find when the Drupal Kernel is booted.

CacheCommands::set() — Method in class CacheCommands

Cache an object expressed in JSON or var_export() format.

CacheCommands::setPrepareData() — Method in class CacheCommands
DocsCommands::siteAliases() — Method in class DocsCommands

Creating site aliases for running Drush on remote sites.

DocsCommands::script() — Method in class DocsCommands

An example Drush script.

DocsCommands::syncHttp() — Method in class DocsCommands

Extend sql-sync to allow transfer of the sql dump file via http.

NotifyCommands::shutdown() — Method in class NotifyCommands
NotifyCommands::shutdownSend() — Method in class NotifyCommands

Prepares and dispatches notifications to delivery mechanisms.

NotifyCommands::shutdownSendText() — Method in class NotifyCommands

Send text-based system notification.

PhpCommands::script() — Method in class PhpCommands

Run php a script after a full Drupal bootstrap.

$ RsyncCommands#sourceEvaluatedPathProperty in class RsyncCommands
SiteCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Commands\core
SiteCommands::siteSet() — Method in class SiteCommands

Set a site alias that will persist for the current session.

SiteCommands::siteAlias() — Method in class SiteCommands

Show site alias details, or a list of available site aliases.

SiteCommands::siteAliasConvert() — Method in class SiteCommands

Convert legacy site alias files to the new yml format.

SiteCommands::siteAliasExportList() — Method in class SiteCommands
SiteInstallCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Commands\core
SiteInstallCommands::serverGlobals() — Method in class SiteInstallCommands

Fake the necessary HTTP headers that the Drupal installer still needs:

SshCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Commands\core
SshCommands::ssh() — Method in class SshCommands

Connect to a Drupal site's server via SSH, and optionally run a shell command.

StatusCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Commands\core
StatusCommands::status() — Method in class StatusCommands

An overview of the environment - Drush and Drupal.

SecurityUpdateCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Commands\pm

Check Drupal Composer packages for security updates.

SecurityUpdateCommands::security() — Method in class SecurityUpdateCommands

Check Drupal Composer packages for pending security updates.

SecurityUpdateCommands::suggestComposerCommand() — Method in class SecurityUpdateCommands

Emit suggested Composer command for security updates.

SecurityUpdateCommands::securityPhp() — Method in class SecurityUpdateCommands

Check non-Drupal PHP packages for pending security updates.

SqlCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Commands\sql
SqlSyncCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Commands\sql
SqlSyncCommands::sqlsync() — Method in class SqlSyncCommands

Copy DB data from a source site to a target site. Transfers data via rsync.

$ ConfigLocator#sourcesProperty in class ConfigLocator
$ ConfigLocator#siteRootsProperty in class ConfigLocator
ConfigLocator::setLocal() — Method in class ConfigLocator

Put the config locator into 'local 'mode.

ConfigLocator::sources() — Method in class ConfigLocator

Return all of the sources for every configuration item. The key is the address of the configuration item, and the value is the configuration file it was loaded from. Note that this method will return just an empty array unless collectSources(true) is called prior to loading configuration files.

ConfigLocator::setComposerRoot() — Method in class ConfigLocator

Sets the composer root.

DrushConfig::simulate() — Method in class DrushConfig

Return 'true' if we are in simulated mode.

$ Environment#sharePrefixProperty in class Environment
$ Environment#siteLoaderProperty in class Environment
Environment::setConfigFileVariant() — Method in class Environment
Environment::setLoader() — Method in class Environment

Set the class loader from the autload.php file, if available.

Environment::setEtcPrefix() — Method in class Environment

Set the directory prefix to locate the directory that Drush will use as /etc (e.g. during the functional tests).

Environment::setSharePrefix() — Method in class Environment

Set the directory prefix to locate the directory that Drush will use as /user/share (e.g. during the functional tests).

Environment::systemPathPrefix() — Method in class Environment

Return the appropriate system path prefix, unless an override is provided.

Environment::systemConfigPath() — Method in class Environment

Return the system configuration path (default: /etc/drush)

Environment::systemCommandFilePath() — Method in class Environment

Return the system shared commandfile path (default: /usr/share/drush/commands)

ConfigCommands::setExportStorage() — Method in class ConfigCommands
ConfigCommands::setImportTransformer() — Method in class ConfigCommands
ConfigCommands::set() — Method in class ConfigCommands

Save a config value directly. Does not perform a config import.

ConfigCommands::status() — Method in class ConfigCommands

Display status of configuration (differences between the filesystem configuration and database configuration).

ConfigExportCommands::setExportStorage() — Method in class ConfigExportCommands
$ ConfigImportCommands#stringTranslationProperty in class ConfigImportCommands
ConfigImportCommands::setImportTransformer() — Method in class ConfigImportCommands
DeployHookCommands::setUpdateType() — Method in class DeployHookCommands
$ LocaleCommands#stateProperty in class LocaleCommands
MigrateRunnerCommands::status() — Method in class MigrateRunnerCommands

List all migrations with current status.

MigrateRunnerCommands::stop() — Method in class MigrateRunnerCommands

Stop an active migration operation.

StateCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Commands\core
$ StateCommands#stateProperty in class StateCommands
StateCommands::set() — Method in class StateCommands

Set a state value.

WatchdogCommands::show() — Method in class WatchdogCommands

Show watchdog messages.

WatchdogCommands::showOne() — Method in class WatchdogCommands

Show one log record by ID.

$ FieldCreateCommands#selectionPluginManagerProperty in class FieldCreateCommands
FieldCreateCommands::setContentTranslationManager() — Method in class FieldCreateCommands
SanitizeCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Commands\sql
SanitizeCommands::sanitize() — Method in class SanitizeCommands

Sanitize the database by removing or obfuscating user data.

SanitizeCommentsCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Commands\sql

This class is a good example of a sql-sanitize plugin.

SanitizeCommentsCommands::sanitize() — Method in class SanitizeCommentsCommands

Sanitize comment names from the DB.

SanitizePluginInterfaceClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Commands\sql

Implement this interface when building a Drush sql-sanitize plugin.

SanitizePluginInterface::sanitize() — Method in class SanitizePluginInterface

Run your sanitization logic using standard Drupal APIs.

SanitizeSessionsCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Commands\sql

This class is a good example of how to build a sql-sanitize plugin.

SanitizeSessionsCommands::sanitize() — Method in class SanitizeSessionsCommands

Sanitize sessions from the DB.

SanitizeUserFieldsCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Commands\sql

This class is a good example of how to build a sql-sanitize plugin.

SanitizeUserFieldsCommands::sanitize() — Method in class SanitizeUserFieldsCommands

Sanitize string fields associated with the user.

SanitizeUserTableCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Commands\sql

A sql-sanitize plugin.

SanitizeUserTableCommands::sanitize() — Method in class SanitizeUserTableCommands

Sanitize emails and passwords. This also an example of how to write a database sanitizer for sql-sync.

$ DrupalKernelTrait#serviceModifiersProperty in class DrupalKernelTrait
DrupalKernelTrait::shouldDrushInvalidateContainer() — Method in class DrupalKernelTrait
$ FindCommandsCompilerPass#storageClassIdProperty in class FindCommandsCompilerPass
$ MigrateExecutable#saveCountersProperty in class MigrateExecutable

Counters of map statuses.

$ MigrateExecutable#showTimestampProperty in class MigrateExecutable

Show timestamp in progress message.

$ MigrateExecutable#showTotalProperty in class MigrateExecutable

Show internal counter in progress message.

$ MigrateIdMapFilter#sourceIdListProperty in class MigrateIdMapFilter

List of specific source IDs to filter on.

$ MigratePrepareRowEvent#sourceProperty in class MigratePrepareRowEvent

Migration source plugin.

Drush::setContainer() — Method in class Drush

Sets a new global container.

Drush::service() — Method in class Drush

Retrieves a service from the container.

Drush::siteProcess() — Method in class Drush

Run a bash fragment on a site alias.

Drush::shell() — Method in class Drush

Create a Process instance from a commandline string.

Drush::simulate() — Method in class Drush

Return 'true' if we are in simulated mode

ExecTrait::startBrowser() — Method in class ExecTrait

Starts a background browser/tab for the current site or a specified URL.

DrushLoggerManager::success() — Method in class DrushLoggerManager

Log a 'success' message.

SuccessInterfaceClass in namespace Drush\Log
SuccessInterface::success() — Method in class SuccessInterface

Log a 'success' message.

$ ArgsPreprocessor#specParserProperty in class ArgsPreprocessor
ArgsPreprocessor::setArgsRemapper() — Method in class ArgsPreprocessor
Preflight::setLogger() — Method in class Preflight
Preflight::setSelectedSite() — Method in class Preflight

Use the DrupalFinder to locate the Drupal Root + Composer Root at the selected root, or, if nothing is found there, at a fallback path.

PreflightArgs::setHomeDir() — Method in class PreflightArgs
PreflightArgs::setCommandName() — Method in class PreflightArgs
PreflightArgs::setAlias() — Method in class PreflightArgs
PreflightArgs::selectedSite() — Method in class PreflightArgs

Get the selected site. Here, the default will typically be the cwd.

PreflightArgs::setDebug() — Method in class PreflightArgs
PreflightArgs::setSelectedSite() — Method in class PreflightArgs

Set the selected site.

PreflightArgs::setUri() — Method in class PreflightArgs

Set the uri option

PreflightArgs::setLocal() — Method in class PreflightArgs

Set local mode

PreflightArgs::setSimulate() — Method in class PreflightArgs

Set simulated mode

PreflightArgs::setCoverageFile() — Method in class PreflightArgs

Set the coverage file path.

PreflightArgs::setStrict() — Method in class PreflightArgs

Set strict mode.

PreflightArgsInterface::setCommandName() — Method in class PreflightArgsInterface

Store the command name, once it is found.

PreflightArgsInterface::setAlias() — Method in class PreflightArgsInterface

Set an alias. Should always begin with '@'.

PreflightLog::setDebug() — Method in class PreflightLog
$ PreflightSiteLocator#siteAliasManagerProperty in class PreflightSiteLocator
DrushHelpCommand::setCommand() — Method in class DrushHelpCommand

Helper for setting a subcommand to retrieve help for.

ShellClass in namespace Drush\Psysh
Runtime::setCompleted() — Method in class Runtime

Mark the current request as having completed successfully.

Runtime::setExitCode() — Method in class Runtime
ShutdownHandlerClass in namespace Drush\Runtime

Drush's shutdown handler

ShutdownHandler::shutdownHandler() — Method in class ShutdownHandler
$ LegacyAliasConverter#simulateProperty in class LegacyAliasConverter
LegacyAliasConverter::setSimulate() — Method in class LegacyAliasConverter
LegacyAliasConverter::setTargetDir() — Method in class LegacyAliasConverter
LegacyAliasConverter::safeToWrite() — Method in class LegacyAliasConverter

Without any safeguards, the conversion process could be very dangerous to users who modify their converted alias files (as we would encourage them to do, if the goal is to convert!).

LegacyAliasConverter::saveChecksum() — Method in class LegacyAliasConverter
ProcessManager::siteProcess() — Method in class ProcessManager
ProcessManager::shell() — Method in class ProcessManager

Create a Process instance from a commandline string.

SiteAliasFileLoaderClass in namespace Drush\SiteAlias

Discover alias files:

SiteAliasManagerAwareInterfaceClass in namespace Drush\SiteAlias

Inflection interface for the site alias manager.

SiteAliasNameClass in namespace Drush\SiteAlias

Parse a string that contains a site alias name, and provide convenience methods to access the parts.

SiteSpecParserClass in namespace Drush\SiteAlias

Parse a string that contains a site specification.

SqlBaseClass in namespace Drush\Sql
SqlBase::setProcess() — Method in class SqlBase
SqlBase::setDbSpec() — Method in class SqlBase

Set the current db spec.

SqlBase::silent() — Method in class SqlBase
SqlBase::scheme() — Method in class SqlBase

The active database driver.

SqlBase::su() — Method in class SqlBase

Adjust DB connection with superuser credentials if provided.

SqlExceptionClass in namespace Drush\Sql
SqlMysqlClass in namespace Drush\Sql
SqlMysql::silent() — Method in class SqlMysql
SqlPgsqlClass in namespace Drush\Sql
SqlSqliteClass in namespace Drush\Sql
SqlTableSelectionTraitClass in namespace Drush\Sql

Note: when using this trait, also implement ConfigAwareInterface/ConfigAwareTrait.

$ BufferedConsoleOutput#stderrProperty in class BufferedConsoleOutput
BufferedConsoleOutput::setErrorOutput() — Method in class BufferedConsoleOutput
DrushArgvInput::setTokens() — Method in class DrushArgvInput
LessStrictArgvInput::setTokens() — Method in class LessStrictArgvInput
CliTestTrait::startExecute() — Method in class CliTestTrait

Run a command and return the process without waiting for it to finish.

OutputUtilsTrait::simplifyOutput() — Method in class OutputUtilsTrait

Remove things like full paths and extra whitespace from the given string.

StringUtilsClass in namespace Drush\Utils


$ Application#tildeExpansionHookProperty in class Application
TopicsClass in namespace Drush\Attributes
BaseBoot::terminate() — Method in class BaseBoot

This method is called during the shutdown of drush.

Boot::terminate() — Method in class Boot

This method is called during the shutdown of drush.

DrupalBoot8::terminate() — Method in class DrupalBoot8

This method is called during the shutdown of drush.

CacheCommands::tags() — Method in class CacheCommands

Invalidate by cache tags.

$ RsyncCommands#targetEvaluatedPathProperty in class RsyncCommands
SiteInstallCommands::taskCallback() — Method in class SiteInstallCommands
TopicCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Commands\core
TopicCommands::topic() — Method in class TopicCommands

Read detailed documentation on a given topic.

$ DrushAliasFile#templatePathProperty in class DrushAliasFile
$ DrushCommandFile#templatePathProperty in class DrushCommandFile
$ MigrationGenerator#templatePathProperty in class MigrationGenerator
DrushConfig::tmp() — Method in class DrushConfig
$ ConfigImportCommands#themeHandlerProperty in class ConfigImportCommands
TwigCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Commands\core
$ TwigCommands#twigProperty in class TwigCommands
TwigCommands::twigCompile() — Method in class TwigCommands

Compile all Twig template(s).

WatchdogCommands::tail() — Method in class WatchdogCommands

Tail watchdog messages.

$ PmCommands#themeHandlerProperty in class PmCommands
ThemeCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Commands\pm
$ ThemeCommands#themeInstallerProperty in class ThemeCommands
$ FindCommandsCompilerPass#tagIdProperty in class FindCommandsCompilerPass
TildeExpansionHookClass in namespace Drush\Runtime

The TildeExpansionHook is installed as a preValidate hook that runs before all commands. Argument or option values containing a leading tilde will be expanded to an absolute path.

$ LegacyAliasConverter#targetProperty in class LegacyAliasConverter
$ CliTestTrait#timeoutProperty in class CliTestTrait

Timeout for command.


UsageClass in namespace Drush\Attributes
$ BaseBoot#uriProperty in class BaseBoot
LegacyCommands::updatestatus() — Method in class LegacyCommands

The pm-updatestatus command was removed. Please see composer show and composer update --dry-run. For security release notification, see drush pm:security.

LegacyCommands::updatecode() — Method in class LegacyCommands

The pm-updatecode command was removed. Please see composer update --dry-run and composer update.

$ RunserverCommands#uriProperty in class RunserverCommands
RunserverCommands::uri() — Method in class RunserverCommands

Determine the URI to use for this server.

UpdateDBCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Commands\core
UpdateDBCommands::updatedb() — Method in class UpdateDBCommands

Apply any database updates required (as with running update.php).

UpdateDBCommands::updatedbStatus() — Method in class UpdateDBCommands

List any pending database updates.

UpdateDBCommands::updateDoOne() — Method in class UpdateDBCommands

Perform one update and store the results which will later be displayed on the finished page.

UpdateDBCommands::updateDoOnePostUpdate() — Method in class UpdateDBCommands

Batch command that executes a single post-update.

UpdateDBCommands::updateFinished() — Method in class UpdateDBCommands

Batch finished callback.

UpdateDBCommands::updateBatch() — Method in class UpdateDBCommands

Start the database update batch process.

UpdateDBCommands::updateCheckRequirements() — Method in class UpdateDBCommands

Log messages for any requirements warnings/errors.

DrushConfig::user() — Method in class DrushConfig
Environment::userConfigPath() — Method in class Environment

The user's Drush configuration directory, ~/.drush

LocaleCommands::update() — Method in class LocaleCommands

Imports the available translation updates.

TwigCommands::unused() — Method in class TwigCommands

Find potentially unused Twig templates.

UserCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Commands\core
UserCommands::unblock() — Method in class UserCommands

Unblock the specified user(s).

PmCommands::uninstall() — Method in class PmCommands

Uninstall one or more modules and their dependent modules.

ThemeCommands::uninstall() — Method in class ThemeCommands

Uninstall theme.

MigrateExecutable::updateProgressBar() — Method in class MigrateExecutable

Advances the progress bar.

MigrateExecutable::unregisterListeners() — Method in class MigrateExecutable

Unregisters all event listeners.

UpdateKernelClass in namespace Drush\Drupal

Overridden version of UpdateKernel adapted to the needs of Drush.

Drush::unsetContainer() — Method in class Drush

Unsets the global container.

UserAbortExceptionClass in namespace Drush\Exceptions

Throw an exception indicating that the user cancelled the operation.

PreflightArgs::uri() — Method in class PreflightArgs

Get the selected uri


ValidateEntityLoadClass in namespace Drush\Attributes
ValidateFileExistsClass in namespace Drush\Attributes
ValidateModulesEnabledClass in namespace Drush\Attributes
ValidatePermissionsClass in namespace Drush\Attributes
ValidatePhpExtensionsClass in namespace Drush\Attributes
VersionClass in namespace Drush\Attributes
BaseBoot::validRoot() — Method in class BaseBoot

This function determines if the specified path points to the root directory of a CMS that can be bootstrapped by the specific subclass that implements it.

Boot::validRoot() — Method in class Boot

This function determines if the specified path points to the root directory of a CMS that can be bootstrapped by the specific subclass that implements it.

DrupalBoot::validRoot() — Method in class DrupalBoot

This function determines if the specified path points to the root directory of a CMS that can be bootstrapped by the specific subclass that implements it.

DrupalBoot8::validRoot() — Method in class DrupalBoot8

This function determines if the specified path points to the root directory of a CMS that can be bootstrapped by the specific subclass that implements it.

EmptyBoot::validRoot() — Method in class EmptyBoot

This function determines if the specified path points to the root directory of a CMS that can be bootstrapped by the specific subclass that implements it.

ValidatorsCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Commands
ValidatorsCommands::validateEntityLoad() — Method in class ValidatorsCommands

Validate that passed entity names are valid.

ValidatorsCommands::validateModuleEnabled() — Method in class ValidatorsCommands

Validate that passed module names are enabled. We use post-init phase because interact() methods run early and they need to know that their module is enabled (e.g. image-flush).

ValidatorsCommands::validateFileExists() — Method in class ValidatorsCommands

Validate that the file path exists.

ValidatorsCommands::validatePHPExtension() — Method in class ValidatorsCommands

Validate that required PHP extension exists.

ValidatorsCommands::validatePermissions() — Method in class ValidatorsCommands

Validate that the permission exists.

ConfigPullCommands::validateConfigPull() — Method in class ConfigPullCommands
CacheCommands::validate() — Method in class CacheCommands
CoreCommands::version() — Method in class CoreCommands

Show Drush version.

RsyncCommands::validate() — Method in class RsyncCommands

Validate that passed aliases are valid.

SiteInstallCommands::validate() — Method in class SiteInstallCommands
SiteInstallCommands::validateConfigDir() — Method in class SiteInstallCommands

Assure that a config directory exists and is populated.

TopicCommands::validate() — Method in class TopicCommands
HelpCommands::validate() — Method in class HelpCommands
SqlCommands::validate() — Method in class SqlCommands

Assert that mysql or similar are on the user's PATH.

SqlSyncCommands::validate() — Method in class SqlSyncCommands
$ Environment#vendorDirProperty in class Environment
Environment::vendorPath() — Method in class Environment

Return the path to Drush's vendor directory

Environment::verifyCLI() — Method in class Environment

Verify that we are running PHP through the command line interface.

ConfigCommands::validateConfigName() — Method in class ConfigCommands

Validate that a config name is valid.

ConfigExportCommands::validate() — Method in class ConfigExportCommands
ConfigImportCommands::validate() — Method in class ConfigImportCommands
MigrateRunnerCommands::validateMigrationId() — Method in class MigrateRunnerCommands

Validates a migration ID is valid.

QueueCommands::validateQueueName() — Method in class QueueCommands

Validate that queue permission exists.

ViewsCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Commands\core
ViewsCommands::vlist() — Method in class ViewsCommands

Get a list of all views in the system.

EntityTypeBundleValidationTrait::validateEntityType() — Method in class EntityTypeBundleValidationTrait
EntityTypeBundleValidationTrait::validateBundle() — Method in class EntityTypeBundleValidationTrait
PmCommands::validateEnableModules() — Method in class PmCommands

Run requirements checks on the module installation.

PmCommands::validateUninstall() — Method in class PmCommands
$ Drush#versionProperty in class Drush

The version of Drush from the drush.info file, or FALSE if not read yet.

Drush::verbose() — Method in class Drush

Return 'true' if we are in verbose mode

$ Preflight#verifyProperty in class Preflight
PreflightVerify::verify() — Method in class PreflightVerify

Throw an exception if the environment is not right for running Drush.

TildeExpansionHook::validate() — Method in class TildeExpansionHook


MkCommands::writeYml() — Method in class MkCommands
MkCommands::writeAllMd() — Method in class MkCommands
MkCommands::writeContentFilesAndAddToNav() — Method in class MkCommands
HelpCLIFormatter::write() — Method in class HelpCLIFormatter
$ QueueCommands#workerManagerProperty in class QueueCommands
WatchdogCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Drupal\Commands\core
WatchdogCommands::watchdogList() — Method in class WatchdogCommands

Interactively filter the watchdog message listing.

WatchdogCommands::where() — Method in class WatchdogCommands

Build a WHERE snippet based on given parameters.

$ FieldCreateCommands#widgetPluginManagerProperty in class FieldCreateCommands
LegacyAliasConverter::writeAll() — Method in class LegacyAliasConverter
LegacyAliasConverter::writeOne() — Method in class LegacyAliasConverter
DrushStyle::warning() — Method in class DrushStyle


XhprofCommandsClass in namespace Drush\Commands\core

Class XhprofCommands

XhprofCommands::xhprofPost() — Method in class XhprofCommands

Finish profiling and emit a link.

XhprofCommands::xhprofInitialize() — Method in class XhprofCommands

Enable profiling via XHProf

XhprofCommands::xhprofIsEnabled() — Method in class XhprofCommands

Determines if any profiler could be enabled.

XhprofCommands::xhprofFlags() — Method in class XhprofCommands

Determines flags.

XhprofCommands::xhprofEnable() — Method in class XhprofCommands

Enable profiling.

XhprofCommands::xhprofFinishRun() — Method in class XhprofCommands

Disable profiling and save results.


YamlConfigLoaderClass in namespace Drush\Config\Loader

Load configuration files, and fill in any property values that need to be expanded.


Bootstrap::__construct() — Method in class Bootstrap
Kernel::__construct() — Method in class Kernel
ValidateEntityLoad::__construct() — Method in class ValidateEntityLoad
ValidateFileExists::__construct() — Method in class ValidateFileExists
ValidateModulesEnabled::__construct() — Method in class ValidateModulesEnabled
ValidatePermissions::__construct() — Method in class ValidatePermissions
ValidatePhpExtensions::__construct() — Method in class ValidatePhpExtensions
Version::__construct() — Method in class Version
BaseBoot::__construct() — Method in class BaseBoot
BootstrapHook::__construct() — Method in class BootstrapHook
RemoteCommandProxy::__construct() — Method in class RemoteCommandProxy
DrushCommands::__construct() — Method in class DrushCommands
DrupalDirectoryCommands::__construct() — Method in class DrupalDirectoryCommands
RsyncCommands::__construct() — Method in class RsyncCommands
ApplicationFactory::__construct() — Method in class ApplicationFactory
GeneratorClassResolver::__construct() — Method in class GeneratorClassResolver

Constructs the object.

ConfigLocator::__construct() — Method in class ConfigLocator

ConfigLocator constructor

Environment::__construct() — Method in class Environment

Environment constructor

ConfigCommands::__construct() — Method in class ConfigCommands

ConfigCommands constructor.

ConfigExportCommands::__construct() — Method in class ConfigExportCommands
ConfigImportCommands::__construct() — Method in class ConfigImportCommands
DrupalCommands::__construct() — Method in class DrupalCommands
EntityCommands::__construct() — Method in class EntityCommands

EntityCommands constructor.

LanguageCommands::__construct() — Method in class LanguageCommands
LinkHooks::__construct() — Method in class LinkHooks
LocaleCommands::__construct() — Method in class LocaleCommands
MessengerCommands::__construct() — Method in class MessengerCommands
MigrateRunnerCommands::__construct() — Method in class MigrateRunnerCommands

Constructs a new class instance.

QueueCommands::__construct() — Method in class QueueCommands
StateCommands::__construct() — Method in class StateCommands
TwigCommands::__construct() — Method in class TwigCommands
UserCommands::__construct() — Method in class UserCommands
ViewsCommands::__construct() — Method in class ViewsCommands

ViewsCommands constructor.

FieldBaseInfoCommands::__construct() — Method in class FieldBaseInfoCommands
FieldBaseOverrideCreateCommands::__construct() — Method in class FieldBaseOverrideCreateCommands
FieldCreateCommands::__construct() — Method in class FieldCreateCommands
FieldDeleteCommands::__construct() — Method in class FieldDeleteCommands
FieldInfoCommands::__construct() — Method in class FieldInfoCommands
PmCommands::__construct() — Method in class PmCommands
ThemeCommands::__construct() — Method in class ThemeCommands
SanitizeCommentsCommands::__construct() — Method in class SanitizeCommentsCommands

SanitizeCommentsCommands constructor.

SanitizeSessionsCommands::__construct() — Method in class SanitizeSessionsCommands
SanitizeUserFieldsCommands::__construct() — Method in class SanitizeUserFieldsCommands
SanitizeUserTableCommands::__construct() — Method in class SanitizeUserTableCommands
FindCommandsCompilerPass::__construct() — Method in class FindCommandsCompilerPass
MigrateExecutable::__construct() — Method in class MigrateExecutable

Constructs a new migrate executable instance.

MigrateIdMapFilter::__construct() — Method in class MigrateIdMapFilter
MigrateMessage::__construct() — Method in class MigrateMessage

Constructs a migrate message class.

MigrateMissingSourceRowsEvent::__construct() — Method in class MigrateMissingSourceRowsEvent

Constructs a new event instance.

MigratePrepareRowEvent::__construct() — Method in class MigratePrepareRowEvent

Constructs a prepare-row event object.

CommandFailedException::__construct() — Method in class CommandFailedException
UserAbortException::__construct() — Method in class UserAbortException
DrushLog::__construct() — Method in class DrushLog

Constructs a DrushLog object.

Logger::__construct() — Method in class Logger
ArgsPreprocessor::__construct() — Method in class ArgsPreprocessor

ArgsPreprocessor constructor

ArgsRemapper::__construct() — Method in class ArgsRemapper

ArgsRemapper constructor

Preflight::__construct() — Method in class Preflight

Preflight constructor

PreflightArgs::__construct() — Method in class PreflightArgs

PreflightArgs constructor

PreflightLog::__construct() — Method in class PreflightLog
PreflightSiteLocator::__construct() — Method in class PreflightSiteLocator
DrushCommand::__construct() — Method in class DrushCommand

DrushCommand constructor.

RedispatchHook::__construct() — Method in class RedispatchHook
Runtime::__construct() — Method in class Runtime

Runtime constructor

LegacyAliasConverter::__construct() — Method in class LegacyAliasConverter

LegacyAliasConverter constructor.

SiteAliasFileLoader::__construct() — Method in class SiteAliasFileLoader

SiteAliasFileLoader constructor

SqlBase::__construct() — Method in class SqlBase

Typically, SqlBase instances are constructed via SqlBase::create($options).

BufferedConsoleOutput::__construct() — Method in class BufferedConsoleOutput
DrushArgvInput::__construct() — Method in class DrushArgvInput
DrushArgvInput::__toString() — Method in class DrushArgvInput

Returns a stringified representation of the args passed to the command.

LessStrictArgvInput::__construct() — Method in class LessStrictArgvInput
LessStrictArgvInput::__toString() — Method in class LessStrictArgvInput

Returns a stringified representation of the args passed to the command.

CliTestTrait::_escapeshellargWindows() — Method in class CliTestTrait