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Exporting and Importing Configuration

Drush provides commands to export, pull, and import Drupal configuration files.

Simple - value changes

It is not necessary to alter configuration values to make simple value changes to configuration variables, as this may be done by the configuration override system.

The configuration override system allows you to change configuration values for a given instance of a site (e.g. the development server) by setting configuration variables in the site's settings.php file. For example, to change the name of a local development site:

$config['']['name'] = 'Local Install of Awesome Widgets, Inc.';
Note that the configuration override system is a Drupal feature, not a Drush feature. It should be the preferred method for changing configuration values on a per-environment basis; however, it does not work for some things, such as enabling and disabling modules.

Advanced - variation by environment

Last update: March 23, 2023