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Defining and running migrations


The Migrate API delivers services for migrating data from a source system to Drupal. This API is provided by the core migrate module. In order to migrate data to Drupal, you'll need to create migrations for each type of destination data.

These commands are an alternative to Don't use that module if you use these commands.

Defining migrations

Learn how to create migrations from the Drupal official documentation:

Running migrations

Drush provides a set of commands that allows to run migration operations such as importing, checking the current status of migrations, rolling-back migrations, stopping an ongoing migration, etc. Such commands are available only when the migrate module is enabled. In order the get a full list of migrate commands, type:

drush --filter=migrate

To get help on each command run drush with the command name as parameter and the --help option. For example next command will show details about the migrate:import Drush command:

drush migrate:import --help

Last update: December 7, 2021