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Drush is built by people like you! Please join us.

Git and Pull requests

  • Contributions are submitted, reviewed, and accepted using GitHub pull requests.
  • The latest changes are in the 13.x branch. PR's should initially target this branch.
  • See the test-specific for instructions on running the test suite. Test before you push. Get familiar with Unish, our test suite. Optionally run tests in the provided Docker containers.
  • We maintain branches named 13.x, 12.x, etc. These are release branches. From these branches, we make new tags for patch and minor versions.

Development Environment

Coding style

  • Do write comments. You don't have to comment every line, but if you come up with something that's a bit complex/weird, just leave a comment. Bear in mind that you will probably leave the project at some point and that other people will read your code. Undocumented huge amounts of code are nearly worthless!
  • We use PSR-12.
  • Keep it compatible. Do not introduce changes to the public API, or configurations too casually. Don't make incompatible changes without good reasons!
  • Run composer cs to check the project for coding style issues and run composer cbf to fix them automatically where possible. These scripts use PHP_CodeSniffer in background.


  • The docs are on our web site. You may also read these from within Drush, with the drush topic command.
  • Documentation should be kept up-to-date. This means, whenever you add a new API method, add a new hook or change the database model, pack the relevant changes to the docs in the same pull request.

Last update: March 12, 2024
Authors: Moshe Weitzman